James Bond (Craig)

James Bond (Craig)

James Bond

James Bond

James Bond's weapons

Main weapons

Beretta 418, Walter PPK, Walter P99, Walter PPK/S.

James Bond's equipment

Almost unlimited amount of gadgets, to name a few:

Rolex/Seiko/Omega Seamaster Wristwatch

Standard wristwatch complete with several different gadgets ranging from lasers, communication devices, homing beacons, explosives, etc. Made standard to all 00 Agents and has aided and saved Bond in several dangerous situations. Former 00 Agent Alec Trevelyan also uses a watch similar to Bond's

Aston Martin DB5

Signature vehicle of James Bond, as seen in several films all containing various Q Branch gadgetry.

Laser Technology

A number of Bond films have portrayed MI6 and their opponents to experiment with Laser Technology. Laser gadgets could be small enough to fit on one of Bond's many Q-Branch watches to industrial sizes being fitted on various types vehicles and air/spacecraft.

Bug Detector

Used to identify and possibly remove or utilize hidden listening or other surveillance devices within a potentially hostile suite.