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Iron Man

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Iron Man's equipment

    I.M.S. Armor - Iron Man wears a suit he designed (with assistance from Spider-Man) that utilizes I.M.S. energy as an energy source.
  • Weaponry - Iron Man's suit focuses on ranged energy weaponry fired from the palms and chest.
  • Strength - The I.M.S. suit is at least comparable to his standard Iron Man suit and is likely far stronger.
  • Speed - Operating under standard conditions, the suit can reach a flight speed of about 3400 m/s (the suit flew from Tokyo to Osaka in just under 2.5 minutes). This speed can be increased further, although it starts to drain power too quickly when this is done.
  • Durability - Due to the power of the I.M.S. energy, the suit is much more durable than any standard Iron Man armor and can even absorb energy blasts and neutralize the effects of the Reality Gem on the wearer.
  • Do Hatsu-10 Mode - By inserting a pure I.M.S. coin into the suit, Iron Man can enter into an enhanced combat state for 10 minutes max (pushing the suit beyond this would result in an overload and self destruction). Tony's suit, in addition to the power increase, also materializes a powerful canon onto his arm and a support unit on the back of the suit. Once fully charged, this cannon can fire a beam that vaporizes whatever its fired at (the most notable example being the Venom Construct).
  • Iron Shinobi - At any time, Iron Man can call in assistance from his Iron Shinobi Drones. These drones are equipped with energy weapons and are effective at providing fire power and support for an engagement.
  • FRIDAY - Tony's onboard AI, FRIDAY, is much more advanced than those of the other Iron Avengers and provides Tony with impactful data and support during battles, such as when it helped purge his systems of Mirror Loki's influence.
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