Eric Gitter


Ink's powers and abilities

Ink has no powers of his own. Instead, he had access to a mutant tattoo artist, Leon Nunez, with the power of granting superpowers to other beings by tattooing iconic power symbols on them, evocative of the power he wants to bestow. The downside to this is that it takes away a little bit of his will every time he does it. Nunez made Ink believe that his powers were his own, purposely misleading him into believing he was a mutant. Since granting Ink his last tattoo--the Phoenix Force symbol around his eye--Leon Nunez has been in a catatonic state.

Ink has been shown with the following tattoos and powers:

The tattoo on his right palm in the shape of a biohazard symbol which causes his victims to become extremely ill.

The tattoo on his left hand gives him super strength. The lines look similar to the banding on Colossus' flesh when he transforms, indicating a toughening of Ink's flesh also.

The two lightning bolt tattoos on his head give him telepathy, but this can be blocked by psi-shields. The design was taken from a comic book depiction of psychic abilities (actually an early Marvel Comics publication image of Professor Xavier).

The tattoos of wings on his back grant him flight.

The "explosive" symbol tattooed on his right bicep allows him to blow up objects and punch through walls.

The Caduceus symbol on his left hand grants him the power of healing others.

The Phoenix symbol over his eye allows him to produce energies similar to the Phoenix Force, but not actually tap into Phoenix energies.