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Injustice (2013-2017 Games)

Publisher Image Comics
Info The Injustice universe is the reality in which the events of the Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comic and video game occur, and the reality that various members of a Justice League from another world are sent to in order to aid this world's Batman against its Superman and his Regime.

Connections to Injustice

Aquaman (Injustice) Arthur Curry
Aquaman (Injustice)
Ares (Injustice) Ares
Ares (Injustice)
Atrocitus (Injustice) Atros
Atrocitus (Injustice)
Bane (Injustice) Dorrance
Bane (Injustice)
Batgirl (Injustice) Barbara Gordon
Batgirl (Injustice)
Batman (Injustice) Bruce Wayne
Batman (Injustice)
Batwoman (Injustice) Katherine Kane
Batwoman (Injustice)
Black Adam (Injustice) Teth-Adam
Black Adam (Injustice)
Black Canary (Injustice) Dinah Laurel Lance
Black Canary (Injustice)
Blue Beetle (Injustice) Jaime Reyes
Blue Beetle (Injustice)
Brainiac (Injustice) Vril Dox
Brainiac (Injustice)
Catwoman (Injustice) Selina Kyle
Catwoman (Injustice)
Cyborg (Injustice) Victor Stone
Cyborg (Injustice)
Darkseid (Injustice) Uxas
Darkseid (Injustice)
Deadshot (Injustice) Floyd Lawton
Deadshot (Injustice)
Deathstroke (Injustice) Slade Wilson
Deathstroke (Injustice)
Doctor Fate (Injustice) Kent Nelson
Doctor Fate (Injustice)
Firestorm (Injustice) Jason Rusch / Martin Stein
Flash (Injustice) Barry Allen
Flash (Injustice)
Gorilla Grodd (Injustice) Grodd
Gorilla Grodd (Injustice)
Green Arrow (Injustice) Oliver Queen
Green Arrow (Injustice)
Green Lantern (Injustice) Hal Jordan
Green Lantern (Injustice)
Harley Quinn (Injustice) Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn (Injustice)
Hawkgirl (Injustice) Shiera Hall
Hellboy (Injustice 2) Anung Un Rama
Hellboy (Injustice 2)
Huntress (Injustice) Helena Rosa Bertinelli
Huntress (Injustice)
Leonardo (Injustice 2) Leonardo
Leonardo (Injustice 2)
Lex Luthor (Injustice) Alexander Luthor
Lex Luthor (Injustice)
Nightwing (Injustice) Damian Wayne
Raiden (Injustice 2)
Raiden (Injustice 2)
Raven (Injustice) Rachel Roth
Raven (Injustice)
Scorpion (injustice) Hanzo Hasashi
Scorpion (injustice)
Shazam (Injustice) Billy Batson
Shazam (Injustice)
Sinestro (Injustice) Thaal Sinestro
Sinestro (Injustice)
Solomon Grundy (Injustice) Cyrus Gold
Solomon Grundy (Injustice)
Sub-Zero (Injustice 2) Kuai Liang
Sub-Zero (Injustice 2)
Supergirl (Injustice) Kara Zor-El
Supergirl (Injustice)
Superman (Injustice) Kal-El
Superman (Injustice)
Wonder Woman (Injustice) Diana Of Themyscira
Wonder Woman (Injustice)