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Hello people of the SHDB! I am a former member of comic vine and have moved here because of the very offensive jokes said towards me when I've gotten in debates. However, I have experienced this place before about a year ago but I don't remember a single bit of the username or password :/. Hoping this place will be a lot better!

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It seems the issue is with how you guys characters are being treated
*the wall, but the ground is another thing that supports it if you are pushing it on the ground
@SirSpidey Sorry to interrupt, but imagine you are lifting a large object against a wall, it is easier than holding it on your own as the ground is supporting one side of the object
Voted: Beyonder

Just about to ask that
Voted: Solid Snake

We're talking about the guy who is comparable to Big Boss. Who has caught Cocoon, not to mention he has injured Vamp before, who is a city level being. I know, not very much, but way bigger destructive capabilities than Ezio. He can get up from torture and shrug off bullet wounds, therefore one slice from Ezio will injure him, but not enough to take him down.
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I don't think so
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Round 1 and 2?
Voted: Thor and Hulk

Lol, links a youtube video to get his points across. Now that's some strong debating skills! And yes, linking pictures of comics is better then linking a youtube video
Voted: Team Riddler

Grundy and Freeze are enough for a fully pumped Bane
Voted: Thor and Hulk

Gladly evened the votes
Shark Mask

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