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Kind of feels like I'm debating with another person but here I go, so he / she mentioned that it doesn't have to be physical strength, and here's my feats for that. The Amulet of Agamotto (What powes Dr Strange) gave Dormammu the strength to strengthen a dimension-wide mystic barrier to bar The Mindless One's entry to the dark dimension. Now I know what you might say, this was Dormammu, not strange. However there was nothing different with both of their encounters with Agamotto. He has disptached one of the Thanosi clones who are 5X STRONGER THAN THANOS. Who according the the official Marvel Handbooks, on the same level as Thor. And for how much attack they can take, Doctor Strange has done the same thing with Dormammu, who is around the same level as the opponents Fate is with in those photos. So I would give that a tie. They stated the Spectre said Fate was on par with him in terms of power. So if Spectre ^> (Nearly on par) Doctor Fate, and Dormammu^Strange (Spectre being more powerful than Dormammu, however Strange is tied with Dormammu, and Fate is slightly below Spectre. He also stated that Fate has sheilded himself from beings on the same level as Dormammu. Hmm, funny that. He stated that Fate is nigh-omniscient, and that he would know Strange's moves before he does them, but a little mind trickey will block Fate out from his head. Lets see some more of him debunking death battles obviously fake feats. Unfortunately I have to go, but I will continue later.
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I disagree, he has consistently fought against beings such as Dormammu, Nightmare, Shuma-Gorath, and the In-Betweener, and has channeled the power of similar entities on numerous occasions. He was once sent to the edge of the universe by Adam Warlock, and returned within seconds. He has tanked an attack by the In-Betweener, and tanked another attack by Dormammu, which killed eternity.
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Doctor Strange* vs Doctor Fate
Thor* vs Shazam
Deadpool* vs Deathstroke
Scarlet Witch* vs Zatanna
Spider-Man* vs Batman
Daredevil vs Nightwing*
Bad day for Nightwing
Unfortunately still haven't heard of it. It is very strange for Filmora or any editing software to have their own file type. Strange.
Hmm, never heard of it before. I don't use your software so I'm not sure where it went wrong. Sorry I wasn't able to help 😟
Voted: Red Hood

This fight would be amazing
You don't have to find it for me, I will just re-read through the whole series. My memory of a lot of these old comics is fading away. *cough cough* Infinity War *cough cough*
Do you know what video type it was? MP3 MP4 etc?
Time for a re-read!
Do you have any editing software?

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