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Brainiac 8

Indigo's History

Indigo is an android and a member of the Outsiders, a fa├žade created by Brainiac 8.

Born in a distant future era, she was designed by Brainiac 6 to help Brainiac 1 in his conquests. "Indigo" was a subprogram, meant to endear her to the superhero community.

She came to the 21st century badly damaged, and desperately looking for a cybernetic or mechanical organism capable of repairing her. In the process, she tried to install her self-repairing routines into the Metal Men, but they were incapable of assisting her in maintenance. Then she turned to Cyborg, but in the process, she damaged him.

Attacked by the combined forces of Young Justice and the Titans she retreated, switching into an offensive mode.

Although the combined forces of the young superheroes bested her, adding further damage, she is able to activate a dormant Superman Robot before shutting down for repairs. Yet when the android comes after the young heroes (killing Lilith and Troia), Arsenal briefly reactivates the young female droid and sends her to stop the Superman Robot before shutting down again.


When Arsenal reformed the Outsiders, he claimed the female droid, now called Indigo, as a teammate.

Her memory was supposedly damaged in the aftermath of her dramatic appearance; any remainder was wiped out by S.T.A.R. Labs. Indigo displayed a very naive personality, guilelessly taking pleasure in the simple things in life, like doing laundry for friends, bowling, and silent movies. She often struggled to learn how to behave in society, and took her cues from those she lived with. As she grew more integrated in her quest to earn the acceptance and forgiveness of Nightwing and her teammates, she even managed to find love with Shift.


Brainiac 8 had been sent back in time to kill Donna Troy, because a living Donna would negate Coluan domination over the "organics" after the Infinite Crisis. After a beating by the combined forces of Teen Titans and Outsiders, the Indigo persona wrests control from Brainiac 8 and reveals herself to be a genuine personality. Weeping, she begs Shift to kill her before the Brainiac 8 persona could harm the people she loves. Shift, in tears, transforms her molecular structure into flesh, killing her in the process.


It seems that she was reformed and returned to her former Brainiac 8 glory as Superboy-Prime repairs her for his confrontation with the Teen Titans. Indigo is seen fighting Red Robin as well as the rest of the Titans.