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Duke Nukem could beat Gladiator, because Gladiator has a weakness to certain radiation.
Duke Nukem, the Captain Planet villain that belongs in X-men--who is so powerful that his sidekick had to wear a lead suit to be near him. Plus, he has a radioactive blast and has x-ray vision. He also looks like he play the Thing in a movie.
I. Jean Grey beats all of them in one-on-one action except Cyborg and Cyclops beats him. II. Besides that, Beast is great choice to beat Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg and Iceman could beat 3 or 4 in one-on-one battles, too.
Original X-Men vs Original Teen Titans.
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Added: Achilles Warkiller (Achilles Warkiller), Agamemnon (Vali Halfling), Angar (David Alan Angar), backlash (Marc Slayton), Captain Comet (Adam Blake), Death of the Endless (Death), Delirium of the Endless (Delight), Dream of the Endless(Morpheus) (Dream), Egg Fu (Chang Tzu), Elaine Belloc (Elaine Belloc), Enigma (Aikku Jokinen), Fetch (Abigail Walker), Firefly (Ted Carson), Hyena (Creed H.Quinn), Ice (Tora Olafsdotter), Immortus (Nathaniel Richards), Inferno (Dante Pertuz), nathan drake (), Ocean Master (Orm Curry Marius), Overwatch (Felicity Smoak), Photon (Genis-Vell), Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert), Sakura Haruno (), Sam Winchester (Samuel Winchester), Sise-Neg (Sise-Neg), Spartan (John Diggle), Starro the star conqueror (Cobi), Super Adaptoid (), Talon (William Cobb), Teen Angel (Eugene Sims), Thane (Thane), The Prince (Dastan (the Prince of Persia)), Trickshot (Charles Bernard Barton)
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sandman jongensoden 17 hours ago
You so lazy even didn't check your comment for misspells
jongensoden sandman 17 hours ago
[blabla] i wish wat dc is and marvel [yet more blablabla] what are jou sandmand is the weakest supervillian of all time
jongensoden jongensoden 17 hours ago
and jou [blabla] i now what dc is and [more blabla] i wisht what marvel an dc is
Dellmamy45 Team Battle 20 hours ago
Volleyball Game. 3 sets. Wonder Woman Captain. And She-Hulk Captain.
This is not an argument black panthers is winning this fight hand-to-hand. And yes you can say Batman have more martial arts experience. But I personally feel that black panther can handle Batman. And before anybody thinks I'm a fan boy I like Batman more than black panther but I will have to give it to Black Panther.

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