Incredible Hulk (Universal)

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Incredible Hulk (Universal)'s powers and abilities

Hulk´s primary power is his immense superhuman strength. His incredible strength allows him to rip steel apart as if it were made of paper, to break vehicles with a single punch, stop a speeding Humvee in its tracks by stomping it into the ground, injure and halt a massive Leviathan with a single punch, do a powerful thunderclap to stop a military helicopter from blowing up, or catch a HYDRA tank struck by Thor during the Avengers assault on the HYDRA Research base in Sokovia and proceeded to throw it at a considerable distance as well. In combat, Hulk often uses his strength to throw heavy objects (like cars, forklift trucks, HYDRA tanks for example) or his smaller opponents in order to defeat his enemies, such as when Hulk threw a human-sized Emil Blonsky more than 40 feet away with a single kick or when he hurled Loki around repeatedly while holding him by the leg. Overall, few individuals have been able to match or surpass Hulk's strength, such as the Abomination, who despite his greater base level of strength ultimately succumbed to Hulk's when he endangered the life of Betty Ross, angering him enough to overpower the gamma monster. Thor, who Hulk was able to hit hard enough to cause his nose to bleed, send flying with a punch, and upon growing angry, managed to almost overpower him in the Contest of Champions, although he was himself almost overpowered after Thor gained his full powers, Iron Man, who had to develop a special Hulkbuster armor to battle him in case of need and still needing Hulk to calm down to overpower him, Fenris, who had managed to contend with Hulk in their battle, but was ultimately hurled into outer space by Hulk, Surtur, whom Hulk was able to slightly stagger with a leaping blow, before Surtur effortlessly swatted Hulk away, and Thanos, who Hulk managed to surprise and stagger with his blows; however, Thanos effortlessly struck him with various blows and knocked him out, leaving him unconscious for a short amount of time. Hulk was also able to lift and throw a Chitauri a great distance. Hulk's immense strength allowed him to hold the debris from the base of the New Avengers Facility, even after one arm was badly damaged from using the Nano Gauntlet, so that neither Rocket, Rhodey and himself were crushed. He managed to do this long enough for Ant-Man to arrive and rescue them by becoming a Giant Man. Hulk's seemingly most impressive strength feat is leaving a fist dent on a wall made of an extremely durable silicon-carbide vibranium alloy.