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Latest comments

Voted: Rune King Thor

Are you insane or dumb
Rune King Thor has Odin force...& he does nt need mjnolir... His internal Powers are enough to kick the add of superman P1M...
He is much stronger... He will put his hammer in Superman's anus 😂😂😂
Voted: Sentry

My points are clear and For those fanboys who chooses Superman here...
Sentry has fought with World breaker hulk in the comics...
And at last no body won
Superman Stands nothing In front of WWH...
How do you all even think Superman can beat Sentry...
Superman has a power of Sun
Sentry has the power of exploding Million suns
There is not even a Tough competition here...
Sentry has healed from his Single atom...
If Superman will insist him to came in his Ultimate form...
He will destroy Superman
Voted: Thor

I can only laugh on those DC fan boys who think Superman will win bcz Superman cant even beat SHAZAM...
If you find a battle btwn Shaman and Thor on this site you will get Thor as a Winner
Thor is much more powerful than Shazam he is a God...
Superman can only give him a tough fight but at last Thor Will win...

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