Imbued Spinosaurus


Original Character

This is a user created character (Original Character/OC).

Imbued Spinosaurus's Powers

Lightning Embodiment

The Imbued Spinosaurus is essentially the embodiment of Electricity and Lightning take flesh.

Powers Include

The ability to travel 1/3 the speed of light

Technology Manipulation

Lightning/Electricity Mimicry


The ability to heat body to 30K Kelvin (7 times the heat of the Sun)

Lightning/Electricity manipulation

Can create electrical force-fields, enough to hold back punches from Binary as a base feat.

Neuron manipulation (Can manipulate feelings such as tiredness, pain, and muscle movement via manipulation of the electrical current that flows through neurons)

Can create permenent or temporary mental disorders that are not caused by a genetic abnormality or malfunction (exe. Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia)

Can disable higher brain functions, and turn a person into a 'zombie'

Imbued Spinosaurus's Weaknesses


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