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just a grown man with a pet hermit crab

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Voted: Hellboy

hard fought battle but I say Hellboy's durability and strength in the long run will give him the victory in the long run
Not voted yet

who said batman had to kill him were talking about beating him
Voted: Deathstroke

Deathstroke wins in a highly contested match stronger, faster and more durable in a fight . he's the ultimate strategist too so impressive that superman hand choose him to command the army that would defend the earth. So I say Deathstroke would win in the long run
Voted: Darkseid

another stalemate fight both posess resurrection and intense healing factors so it would be an endless loop of dying and being brought back to life
Not voted yet

stalemate fight no true winner both posses the power to reincarnate themselves and take many powerful hits and regenerate no one wins they'll both tire out before a winner occurs
Voted: Superman

pretty simple answer supes takes down the big man no problem has more powers and is just too fast for hulk to keep up with
Voted: Darkseid

Darkseid is more experienced in fighting so id say he would win since both these characters are extremely overpowered you never really know
Voted: Punisher

Punisher is ex special forces with history in performing a wide range of military tactics his experience will cause a problem for deadshot since recon was a huge part of his duty in the United States Military so I got to give this one to Punisher
78 days ago
Spawn vs Lobo
Voted: Lobo

Lobo has more experience fighting tougher enemies and has stood toe to toe with superman. lets not forget his immortality so if anything this fight is a draw both of these characters having the ability to constantly resurrect themselves and keep the fight going it will inevitably come to a stalemate
Voted: Lobo

Lobo's Healing Factor would be a problem for Doomsday due to the fact that he can regenerate his entire body from a drop of his blood. Doomsday has a strong healing factor but not that strong. Lobo has fought and beat Superman and even gave superman tips on how to fight powerful enemies because lobo has a lot of experience in doing this. Lobo has be able to easy beat the sh** out of Green Lantern as well as outsmart batman. He has no morale's killing Santa Claus as well as his entire species. Doomsday doesn't have the experience of killing other gods or ancient predators so im giving this one to Lobo
Deranged Man

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