I'd like to start a petition

Created by DarkProdigy, 2 y 10 mo 4 d ago.

I've already made a forum about this, but Galactus please don't lock it. If we can get a certain amount of people to comment on this forum, @Galactus can you PLEASE IP BAN ULTRON, jongensoden, kagistic, nrtbrt and every single one of those little parasites. I haven't been on this site as much in the past week but found out that all of those little flies are still here and they need to go. Just have a look on Nemian's profile you will see what I mean. Telling me to kill myself, pretending to be @Galactus and making a fake SHDB server, spamming me and the server, called Nemian a bi*ch, giving each other their accounts and bringing all of their friends to the site. Please Galactus just get rid of them! You've done it before.


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