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Ice Borer

Ice Borer

Godzilla: The Series

Ice Borer's powers and abilities

Living Furnace - Ice Borers generate tremendous amounts of heat that that use both to survive in sub-zero temperatures and to quickly tunnel through the frozen land scape of their home. Ice Borers will use this heat to weaken the ice above them to sink their prey.

Heat Absorption - Ice Borers absorb and consume the heat of their victims to fuel their internal furnaces.

Tusks and Claws - Although primarily used for digging through substances their heat doesn't liquefy (such as rocks and dirt), an Ice Borer's tusks and forelimb claws make effective weapons. Their claws also provide them with excellent climbing abilities.

Hide - An Ice Borer's hide is thick enough to protect them from fire arms and brief exposure to Godzilla's atomic breath.

Pack Hunters - Ice Borers usually hunt in packs of five and focus on cutting off a targets escape routes before attacking the targets in mass.

Ice Borer's weaknesses

Heat Dependence - Ice Borers need to consume heat to fuel their internal furnace and will pursue heat sources at all costs.

Liquid Nitrogen - Liquid Nitrogen sprayed directly into an Ice Borers eyes or other vital points can disable the creature for a period of time.