Battles created by iamtheone1234

Team 1 Team 2
Team Elaine BellocTeam Lucifer Morningstar12113
Team The One-Above-AllTeam The Presence12101
Team The One-Above-AllTeam God Spree The One To Save All27502
Cosmic Immortal HulkScarlet Witch14601
The Ultimate Destroyer Of The UniverseAthanatos3000
Thanos (Astral Regulator)Team The Living Tribunal6000
Team Wither SkeletonTeam Daredevil2000
Team The One-Above-AllTeam The Presence5000
Superman & BatmanDoomsday & Wonder Woman10101
Team ThanosTeam Darkseid12101
Wither SkeletonHerobrine6000
Team HulkTeam Scarlet Witch231002
The Presence & The One-Above-AllTeam Beyonder5000
Team Iron Man (God-Killer)Eternity3000
Wither SkeletonTeam The Presence2000
Team The Ultimate Destroyer Of The UniverseTeam Seven6401
Cosmic Immortal HulkWorld Breaker Hulk11101
The Ultimate Destroyer Of The UniverseTeam True Mikaboshi7001
Team ThorTeam Superman4200
Team Wither SkeletonThe Presence & The One-Above-All3000