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DeathstrokeSlade Wilson10
Elongated ManRalph Dibny8
GambitRemy Etienne LeBeau6
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Martian ManhunterJ'onn J'onzz21
Mister FreezeVictor Fries7
NightcrawlerKurt Wagner5
NightwingDick Grayson8
PenguinOswald Cobblepot8
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5+ years member.
Voted: Mr Incredible

Bob is better in almost every way
5+ years member.
Voted: Mr Incredible

Mr. Incredible has superior feats of strength. His workout scene with the Trains is superior to anything Cage has moved or lifted. Durability we saw the Omnroid legit smash him so hard he went into the Earth completely and then be standing up fine the next scene. Physical attacks are extremely ineffective against him. However we've seen physically stronger Characters beat Luke Cage such as The Thing.
5+ years member.
Not voted yet

God is but a Title. Being a "God" doesn't give you a win lol. Also the idea that Clark can't go LS is ludicrous.
5+ years member.
Voted: King Shark

King Shark no doubt. He's mainly a Superboy and Aquaman villain.
2 years ago.
Iceman vs Ray
5+ years member.
Not voted yet

5+ years member.
Voted: Green Lantern

Iceman has recently shown to be less powerful than his former self. He was having extreme difficultly facing colossus and was straining to make constructs.
2 years ago.
Elongated Man
5+ years member.
Much appreciated.
2 years ago.
Elongated Man
5+ years member.
5+ years member.
Not voted yet

Depends at what point in Bens carear
5+ years member.
Voted: Firestorm

Basically the weakest Herald vs Firestorm. It's interesting. Both have great potential but consistently underperform. I'd edge Firestorm because I think he's got the edge in versatility.
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