I need help!!!

Created by williammc0504, 1 y 5 mo 11 d ago.

I don't understand, are you allowed to make your own characters? If so, somebody please explain to me how to create your own character. I need to know the entire process and tell me where to even go on and where to start.


Galactus 1 y 5 mo 11 d
I need help!!!
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Due to continuous abuse of the OC (Original Character) creation, I have turned it off for now. I can't tell you when it will be back online again. Sorry.
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19Stormnsdeme22 1 y 5 mo 3 d
I need help!!!
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How long will we wait?
Besides, we didn't do it after all. Why is everyone paying for it? Punish those who do it.
xerodeep 1 y 5 mo 11 d
I need help!!!
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You are allowed to create your own characters (up to 12 currently) however they are supposed to be original characters and should not be copyrighted characters that already exist and who's rights are already owned (i.e. existing Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Disney characters, etc.).

To create your own original character, click on "Abbs" near the top on your account menu bar, then click the "MY EDITS" button, and finally the "+ create new character" link.

To request a copyrighted character to be added to the website, click on "Abbs" then the "REQUEST" button, and finally the "CHARACTER" button (or one of the other buttons to request a non-character addition of course).