I Lost my Mind!

Created by BlotskyA, 4 mo 19 d ago.

Something Happened to me Last Night, I Had Dream of two Things: Spider Tornadoes and a Meteorite Shark, if you don't know these things, I Can Explain them because They are thing I Though up a Long Time Ago.

Spider-Tornadoes: This is A Black Blood Tornado that fires out Spiders or Tarantulas, it's origin is that a Black Tornado across the world is set to only Target Spiders or Tarantulas and fill it up, but DNA of Spiders and Tarantulas mixed with Tornado wind, made it Permanent and it became a Spider-Tornado.

The Meteorite Shark: this is a Shark that swims on Land, It's Origin is that a Great White Shark washed up on shore and it was struck by a Meteorite which grant the Shark the ability to swim on land.

I'm Suffering from the Effects of these Dreams. Please show me your support when I'm Feeling better.


Dark_Wing 4 mo 11 d
I Lost my Mind!
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Sorry to hear that my friend πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” as someone who used to have a lot of crazy nightmares himself I can assure it it's going to be fine soon enough.
RajinKabir 4 mo 19 d
I Lost my Mind!
Jongensoden 4 mo 19 d
I Lost my Mind!
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Alien_X 4 mo 19 d
I Lost my Mind!
Sounds interesting. Hope you're feeling better.
BTW: What effects are you suffering from?