I Am Done

Created by BlotskyA, 6 mo 21 d ago.

I Am Litterly Done by this Point, why? Because of People Being Biased on my OCs, Here's the Thing if you Hate my OCs I'm Fine with that but when I Realize You are being Biased that's where you cross the line because I Sometimes even spent like hours working on the Character's Powers and Yet No Credit, How rude is that. Also YOU CAN'T JUST VOTE SOMEONE ELSE SIMPLY BECAUSE OF COPYRIGHT THIS IS GOING WAY TOO FAR! I AM DONE WITH THIS WEBSITE PLUS I AM VERY BUSY THIS WEEK, I NEED SOME SUPPORT JUST FOR THIS WEEK! I Am Having a Hard time at School and I Don't want to cause Problems more, So @AkhilPDX, @DevyEZ, @Imtheone1234 STOP BEING FREAKING BIASED BECAUSE ALL OF YOU ARE PUSHING TO MY BRINK!

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AkhilPDX 6 mo 21 d
I Am Done
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This is like your third forum. No one is being biased. People are allowed to have opinions. You didn't spend hours creating the powers. You used someone else's work as your own which is illegal and is known as plagiarism. You say you're struggling with school, and the way to work on that is to take a temporary break from this website and study, just for this week. If you don't want to take a break, that's fine, but at least spend more time on school. If you make random battles and act as if copyrighted stuff is yours, then of course people on the website won't help or support you. Again, I'm not being biased. All I'm doing is voting for who I think wins because of what I know about the character. You don't have to tell me. You don't need to tell me. You can't tell me, because I know about these characters. They aren't yours so that doesn't give you permission to tell me who to vote for and why.