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Battles created by HolyJoe

Team 1 Team 2
Elaine BellocThe One-Above-All4 y 19697732
Cosmic Armor SupermanOld King Phoenix Thor (Earth-14412)3 y 16686627
Stan LeeThe Writer4 y 16338524
Ghost RiderScorpion (MK)4 y 6813516
Spider-Man (Beyonders Powers)Cosmic Armor Superman2 y 9721416
The Divine CreatorLucifer Morningstar2 y 7020414
Goku (DB)Sun Wukong (ChineseMyth)2 y 9152314
Scorpion (MK)Sub-Zero (MK)4 y 9425314
Doctor Doomsday (Earth-9602)Thanoseid (Earth-9602)4 y 563413
Sub-Zero (MK)Elsa (Frozen)5 y 83121213
Team The One-Above-AllTeam The One Below All2 y 938212
Team SupermanTeam Thor3 y 10114212
Darkseid (True Form)Dormammu (Eternity's Power)2 y 728312
Michael DemiurgosThe One-Above-All4 y 4287311
The Leviathan Of StoriesOvervoid2 y 4312310
Team Scarlet WitchTeam White Phoenix of the Crown3 y 7117210
Slenderman (Creepypasta)Superman2 y 6614210
Team God Spawn (Spawn)Team The One Below All2 y 561429
Team BatgodTeam Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet)2 y 55128
Lucifer Morningstar & Lucifer Morningstar (Depowered)Scarlet Witch (Earth-58163) & Scarlet Witch (Life Force)2 y 27838