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Heroes & Villains From The Year 2099

A Comics collection created by plaidcoolflyer

Collector plaidcoolflyer
Type Comics

Collection items

Black Cat (Edge of Time) Felicia Hardy
Black Cat (Edge of Time)
Black Panther 2099 K'Shamba
Black Panther 2099
Captain America 2099 Roberta Mendez
Captain America 2099
Daredevil 2099 Samuel Fisk
Daredevil 2099
Doctor Octopus (Shattered Dimensions) Serena Patel
Doctor Octopus (Shattered Dimensions)
Ghost Rider 2099 Kenshiro Cochrane
Ghost Rider 2099
Hawkeye 2099 Max
Hobgoblin 2099 Roderick Kingsley (Clone)
Hobgoblin 2099
Hulk 2099 John Eisenhart
Hulk 2099
Iron Fist 2099 Randy
Iron Man 2099 Sonny Frisco
Iron Man 2099
Moon Knight 2099 Tabitha
Punisher 2099 Jacob Gallows
Punisher 2099
Spider-Man Miguel O'Hara
Venom 2099 Kron Stone
Venom 2099