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Hela (MCU)

Hela Odinsdottir


Michealdem17 2 mo 26 d
Hela (MCU)
Strength 15 is this a joke she broke mjolnir with some fingers
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Alien_X 3 mo 25 d
Hela (MCU)
add weapons master. you know, with the swords and stuff.
Clint_Barton 1 y 1 mo 5 d
Hela (MCU)
1 year member
Stats: Hela lifts 400 kgs
Thor: *loses to Hela physically* Is my strength joke to you!?
blackestbrightestday 1 y 4 mo 29 d
Hela (MCU)
1 year member
Strength is too low and intelligence too high
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Jongensoden 1 y 3 mo 26 d
Hela (MCU)
3 year member
yeah she needs unlimited strength and intelligence 140