Hawkeye II

Hawkeye II

Katherine Elizabeth Bishop

Hawkeye II's weapons

Kate wields a variety of weapons modeled after ones she had obtained from the Avengers Mansion before returning them to Captain America:

Hawkeye's Battle Staves

Kate wields battle staves modeled after Mockingbird's Battle Staves.

Hawkeye's Bow

Kate formally used a bow of her own design before being given Hawkeye's Bow by Captain America.[24]

Utility Belt

Kate wears a utility belt modeled and based after the one worn by the Black Widow.

Hawkeye's Sword

Kate wields a sword modeled after the Swordman's Sword.

Kree Composite Soul Bow

A vintage Kree weapon received from Marvel Boy.

Hawkeye II's equipment

No equipment information available.
No equipment or weapons connected to Hawkeye II