Clint Barton


Orphaned at an early age, Clint Barton was sent to a children's home with his brother Bernard. Running away to join a traveling circus, the pair worked as roustabouts. While a member of the circus, Clint was trained by the original Swordsman and by Trick Shot.Witnessing Iron Man in action, Barton attempted to emulate him by donning a colorful costume... read more

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Creator Marvel Comics
UniverseEarth-616 - Prime Marvel Universe
Full name Clinton Francis Barton
Alter Egos
Hawkeye (MCU)Hawkeye (MCU)
Hawkeye (Venomized)
Old Man HawkeyeOld Man HawkeyeRoninRoninRonin (MCU)Ronin (MCU)
Aliases Ronin, Goliath, Golden Archer, the Marksman, Father Time, Longbow, Dreadknight, Purple Man, Robin Hood, Legolas, Hawkguy
Place of birth Waverly, Iowa
First appearance Tales of Suspense #57 (September, 1964)
Alignment Good


Occupation Adventurer, Vigilante
Base New York City, Iowa
Teams Leader: Avengers West CoastMember: A.I.M.DefendersAvenging HostHawkeye & MockingbirdThe Mighty AvengersS.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel KnightsFormerly: ThunderboltsAvengersBlack Cat's GangThe Ultimates
Relatives Harold Barton (father, deceased), Edith Barton (mother, deceased), Bernard Barton (brother, deceased), Barbara Morse (wife, deceased)


Gender Male
Type / Race Human
Height 1.91 m • 6'3"
Weight 104 kg • 230lb
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond


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