Harley Quinn (New 52)

Harleen Quinzel



Strength, combat and power is to high.
Needs to be

Strength 15% 200 kg 440 lbs
Power 45%
Combat 85%
And her intelligence might have to be lowerd to 90%
I think it's fine, if you have read some of the newest comics, for ex like Heroes in Crisis, she could defeat Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman single handedly at the same time. And any human who can beat them, must have very high intelligence and combat skills
Eh, seems a little high to me, just a little.
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@jongensoden Looking great. Maybe a bit more details on her weapons?
The f*cking stats are wrong wtf
Because you went off the ustats. thats what people think her stats are Harley fanboys just gives every stat 100% they cheat if you want I can give you the real stats??
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I think the stats are good. Intelligence and combat still make sense. Harley is advanced in hand to hand combat and also has very high intelligence. So it is not a problem, the only problem I think is her power, she is not a metahuman as far as I know and just a peak human condition woman and maybe a bit enhanced, maybe it should be around 55-60
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Could you clean up the 'relatives' a bit. Add some comma's and remove the '[x]'s.
I've reassigned Harley to you again.
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Oh sorry did not read this
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No problem. I posted it after your post saying you're done.
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I don't see her can you reasign her again
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@Dark_Wing Because I got a lot of the same questions (that I already answered). And most should be asked in the forum for everyone to answer. And I try to put as much time as possible into the new website.
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Is she good like this
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Lol... 😀 Not sure why that got censored. Guess 'Having-it-off' is a sexual thing.
Probably until the new website is done.
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