Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper


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Death Scythe

The Grim Reaper is known as an Avatar of Death but is rather portrayed as a messenger of Death itself. His Scythe allows him to manipulate souls, incinerate souls, or steal them. His Scythe can also shoot blasts of energy and allow him to cut through everything. He has been able to hurt Infinity with this Scythe, and Infinity is basically omnipotent. The Scythe can take on any form and kill anyone or anything although it has been rendered ineffective against the Immortal, Ashwathama. The Scythe can even allow him to slice through entire universes and kill multiversal beings. The Scythe can also turn into any weapon of the Grim Reaper's choice. The Grim Reaper even created a new scythe from a small fragment of his own Scythe and gave it to Necron.

Guns of Demoliton

The Grim Reaper also has the Guns of Demolition whose bullets can travel faster than light and hit their target. He has rarely ever used this weapon, but when the bullet hits its target, it immediately destroys their body and sends their soul to hell. These bullets have harmed Enduino before, and anyone that can die can be affected by these bullets.

Soul Dust

This attack simply erases the soul from the fabric of existence, but this dust can only be used on evil people.



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