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Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) vs Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Created by DCMarvelFan1, 2 y 9 mo 23 d ago.

Who would win in a fight? Jessica Cruz or Jessica Drew
It's the BATTLE of the Jessica's
Can a Mighty Green Lantern defeat Spider-Woman? Or will Spider-Woman's abilities be too much to the Lantern to handle?
*This is a Sparring Match!
Battle Rules
No outside interference
Details about the Fight
-Standard Gear/Equipment
-Random Encounter
- 0 prep
-Both are meeting for the First Time
- In Character
-Morals on
*Win by KO/Incapacitation
Setting- Ferris Aircraft
Starting Distance- 100 feet apart
Things to note
Green Lantern's Ring will only be half charged. She isn't allowed a recharge!
R1- Submission Match
(Best 2 of 3)
Who wins?
R2- Strength Test
A Fighter must use all of their force to pull off One of their Opponent's Boots!
(Whoever loses, has to remain in one shoe for the rest of the Battle)
Who wins?
R3- Powers/Abilities Match
A Fighter must use all of their abilities to OVERPOWER their Opponent
Who wins?
R4- Fighting skill/Experience
A Fighter must not only make their Opponent Bleed, but must also hit them so hard, they cannot get up!
Who wins?


Alien_X 2 y 9 mo 19 d
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) vs Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
35 months member
1: Why don't you just make a battle with this?
2: Obviously, Jessica wins.
3: Okay, for real this time, Green Lantern would win this pretty easily.
DCMarvelFan1 2 y 9 mo 23 d
Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) vs Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
33 months member
So... What does everybody think of this Matchup? Based on the info above, WHO do you think would come out on Top?