Green Goblin IV

Phillip Benjamin Urich



Born to Arnold and Mindy Urich, Phil took to the wing of his uncle Ben who worked as a journalist with The Daily Bugle.

On a journalism assignment, Phil joined his uncle Ben in an investigation on an Osborn Industries building. When his uncle was besieged by attackers in the building, Phil hid and tried to find help. Stumbling upon an experimental new Green Goblin costume Phil also fell into a chamber of the Goblin Formula.

Quickly dressing up in the suit, he scared off the hoods. Later on, he decided that the costume and equipment were worth using.

After his discovery of the Goblin arsenal and equipment, Phil ran into the Scarlet Spider, Rhino, the Hobgoblin, Joystick and others. Many were unsure of his purpose and motives as they were also curious about this new Goblin on the scene.

It was not until a corrupt judge targeted Ben and sent the assassin Purge to kill him that Phil decided to take on his new persona with responsibility. Teaming up with Daredevil the pair were able to stop Purge.

This act gave the new hero a lot of attention and he developed a small but devoted following. Liz Allan asked Ben for information on who was using her husband's former identity. She later gave Phil her "blessing" after he saved her and her son Normie from Angelface.

During Onslaught's attack, the Goblin costume was heavily damaged after battling Sentinels. Phil soon decided to retire as an active hero.

He has recently been seen as part of Excelsior.