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Gotham (2014-2019 TV Series)

Publisher DC Comics
Info Gotham is a live action television series that started in the fall of 2014 on Fox, about James Gordon as a rookie cop in Gotham City after the murders of Martha and Thomas Wayne.

Connections to Gotham

514A (Gotham) Bruce Wayne
Alfred (Gotham) Alfred Pennyworth
Azrael (Gotham) Theo Galavan
Azrael (Gotham)
Bane (Gotham) Eduardo Dorrance
Batman (Gotham) Bruce Wayne
Batman (Gotham)
Joker (Gotham) Jeremiah Valeska
Joker (Gotham)
Mister Zsasz (Gotham) Victor Zsasz
Penguin (Gotham) Oswald Cobblepot
Penguin (Gotham)
Riddler (Gotham) Edward Nygma
The Executioner (Gotham) Nathaniel Barnes
The Scarecrow (Gotham) Jonathan Crane
The Scarecrow (Gotham)