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You have followed Marvel all the way since the 60s, its very impressive and deserves respect.
Thanks Make Mine Marvel 👍
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There are some realy good comic book characters.
Because of my intrest for history and mythology Mighty Thor is my number one character and superhero.
But im also a great fan of
Captain America
Silver Surfer and
Doctor Strange
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Eternity & Death Eternity and Death are at a diffrent powerlevel there are no superhero who can defeat this cosmic Entitys.
Mighty Thor may use all the power his godly herritage provides him, godblasts that nihilates planets, solarsystems or a galaxy still there will be no effect.
Blows from Mjolnir that crush planets, nothing happens.
Death and Eternity may just play with the God and then take him out.
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not voted How will the two superpowerful heroes
make it versus
The two superpowerful antihero Demons
with magical origin ? ? ?
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Thor A Sorcerer Supreme is the very best there is in using the mystical arts of magic.
A mythological god with a magical origin wielding a magical artifact, a weapon of vast power.
Magic is something very important in their lives and something bouth use a very lot.
God_of_Thunder 1 y 3 mo 23 d
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Mr Amazing Stan Lee and the writer
mr awsome Jack Kirby are nothing less then true legends.
Bouth have passed away but their legacy will go on for a very long time.
They made ancient mythology and storys of heroes and gods new and fresh by placing them in a modern society and world like our own.
They created the Marvel Universe !
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Silver Surfer & Galactus If for some reason Galactus is attacking Asgard together with Silver Surfer i think the outcome will become like in the comics.
Odin and Thor will be able to defend their realm from the attack and become victorious.
If the battle would play out in a diffrent location and the Asgardians instead were attacking Galactus and Silver Surfer they would win.
In my mind a well fed Galactus is more powerful than even the sky father Odin.
I give Galactus and Silver Surfer a slightly better odds to win than Odin and Thor.
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not voted This battle i have very difficulty to vote.
Superman is weak against magic and Wanda do have seriously powerful magic as Soratoumiga have explained.
But then Superman is fast, strong and
durable !
I can also see why there are votes for the Kryptonian.
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Thor Yes there are very powerful Mutants thats true but gods as species Asgardians , Olympians, Elder gods as you mentioned are seriously powerful.
Perhaps in the end its all about personal preference.
Im a fan of classic mythology storys of heroes gods monsters etc
The most powerful were the gods that humans worshiped.
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Thor Yes Chthon is a very powerful degenerated Elder God turning to a lifepraying Demon. The brother of Gaea and uncle of Thor !
Chthon is the inventor of chaotic Black Magic this tell us hos powerful this evil Elder God is !
This of course makes Wanda seriously powerful but to have that blood in youre veins !
Mutants as species or species of gods like Asgardians or olympians who are more powerful ?
Well there may be diffrent opinions
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Thanks kind of you 🙂
I am but i will not be as active as before.
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Thor Yes he is superior in every way possible regarding physics is what i wrote.
In other ways bouth got an incredible list of powers än impressive Versatility to use.
Bouth are very powerful but with all the powers of Mjolnir as macropowers like power magical negation he will claim victory.
The herritage and Origin of characters do explain who and what they are.
If you are of diffrent opinions thats perfectly fine but in most storys and universes that is of importance and i agee.
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Thor If the battle is physical i dont think anyone would vote for a victory to the Mutant.
The God is superior in every way possible strength, speed, durability etc.
If the battle instead will be about using their Incredible Versatility bouth got an impressive list of powers to use against their enemy.
The powers of a Mutant with perhaps ten years of expirience versus a mythological warrior god with several thousend years of expirience. The son of Odin the sky father of the Asgardian Pantheon and the Elder godes of earth it self Gaea.
The Scarlet witch is one of the most powerful of her race a Metahuman species called Homo superior but to defeat the Thundergod himself with perhaps the most powerful and iconic magical weapon of the gods in hos hand Mjolnir is not that realistic.
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Sentry (Stable) & Thor Mighty Thor vs Superman
As explained to many times Thor
Sentry vs Goku
The outcome is a more uncertain but
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US Agent Us Agent will have a very hard battle versus Scorpion. The villian is stronger than John at least as fast and durable and got a cybernetic tail with a plasma canon.
Us Agent got an incredible shield and superior combat skills, he would also never stop fighting.
John block plasma blasts with his shield dodges powerful blows from the tail and block fist after fist. When in position smashing his shield in Scorpions face throut chest and stomach over and over again finaly claiming victory after houers of battle !
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not voted The two villains got superior physics and are much stronger !
Rhino is capable of lifting about 100 tons and got an incredible durability, the villian have even battled the Hulk !
The Scorpion is superhuman in all phýsical attributes, he got incredible reflexes speed durability and is strong to lift about 20 tons.
The armor gives him a deadly plasma canon in the tail and just as Rhino more protection.
Will the heroes defeat the two villains ?
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Black Panther Black Panther do have several similarities to the animal giving him the name and looks.
A very intelligent animal with incredible physical attributes, a hunter and deadly fighter with sharp claws.
Batman is not very diffrent, a warrior of the shadows a deadly ninja.
Bouth using hightech equipment in battle of Incredible quality. Black Panthers weapons are even more deadly and powerful because its made of vibranium.
The slightly better combat skills of Bruce will not be enough versus Tchallas superior physics and equipment.
Black Panther wins
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Thor The Thundegod of Asgardian mythology worshiped of people in northen europé for over thousend years. The Scandinavian vikings warrior god and champion who battle the giants and the midgardserpent Jormungander in Ragnarok the final battle.
The New God Darkseid, an evil god in the Dc universe
The votes are more in the New gods favor suggesting they are more powerful than gods from older bloodlines.
Why this should be a truth i realy dont understand ?
In Alchemi and mythology older meanes more powerful, this is the reason for Odin seeking out Gaea Elder Godes of earth to give birth for Mighty Thor who is a cross breed Elder and Asgardian God.
This is also the reason for why the most powerful characters and enteties always are very old.
Mighty Thor have stalemated Zeus in three month battle without rest, defeated Jormungander, Knocked out the Phoenix Force and forced Galactus to flee.
Mjolnir may absorb energy equal to 20 percent of the universe and of course also omega beams from Ds.
Versatility is fairly even bouth may manipulate matter or energy. Create force fields and blast magical energy of vast power, what is more powerful a Godblast or a n Omega beam ?
I think the God blast is more powerful but omega beams may be used more.
God ever there are other attacks of vast power as the Antiforce blast etc.
I think they are rather equal in power, Thor is a more skilled warrior.
Its a battle that anyone may win if all powers skills and artifacts will be used !
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US Agent Us Agent continues his job for the government and is on his way arresting the vigilante Moon Knight.
Marc Spector may use his normal equipment all the hightech gear he wears when prepared för battle but no extras as in longer planing.
Us Agent is physical superior and equal skilled in combat. He only got one weapon the shield but its better than any Moon knight got. Moon knight got more weapons and because of that is more versatile. He also got the ability to glide in the air making movment in the metropolitan city more easy.
After several houers of chasing and battle Us Agent will be victorious mainly because of his superior physic with strength to lift about 10 tons.
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Team Iron Man There are several ways to counter for Flash speed force with an incredible Versatility.
Time manipulation control, reducing the speed of time in the suroundings.
Power/energy manipulation control allows negation of the speed force leaving Flash without powers.
Soul manipulation control, separate Flash soul from his body. This power will not be used as it is not seen as good morals.
In the most probable scenario Thor us the macropowers of Mjolnir to negate Flash speed force energy. Without his speed force the young Mutate is helples,, the battle is over and Thor gives the boy a verbal lesson !
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Team Iron Man There seems to be limited knowledge about the superheroes participating in this battle ?
Batman is a Supernormal, its a Peak human with skills and equipment that allows him to battle against some Metahumans.
Flash is a young human who became a Mutate a Metahuman by accident.
The fastest there is är least in the Dc universe.
Shazam is a boy granted the power of the gods, a magical fueled superhero strong enough to move planets.
The Iron Man armor is a cybernetic battle armor suit of great strength and versatilty.
Spiderman is a Midlevel Metahuman a Mutate with dangersense and superhuman strength and reflexes .
Finaly we got Mighty Thor, he is the Thunder God in Asgardian Mythology.
Worshiped by the Norsemen as their champion för several hundras years.
To suggest a several thousend years old magical warrior god beeing infirior to anyone else in this battle is just plan stupidity.
The God will be the only one standing, the will be no solo race at all
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Silver Surfer Silver Surfer got a superior Versatility and will know about Supermans weakness.
Manipulate control the sunlight that fuels the Kryptonians body and just absorb it or change it to red Solar energy even kryptonite.
The Silver clad Alien is powered by the power cosmic that grants him superior speed even to Superman, durability at about the same level and just slightly lower strength.
Superman got some serious weaknesses, Silver Surfer got no one and is also almost as intelligent.
Superman will have about the same odds in this battle as versus Thor even if People in general may think he beats the god but loose to the Alien ?
Perhaps Silver Surfer looks more alien with silver clad skin standing on a surfboard !
The number of ways Silver Surfer may win this battle is huge, this number for Superman is short. He got to get in close combat and use his superior Strength and combat skills to have a chans.
Silver Surfer wins about 8 out of 10 battles !
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Silver Surfer Silver Surfer may absorb the Gamla radiation straight out of Incredible Hulks body turning him to Bruce Banner.
This have already happened in the comics and could be done again
As explained also Thor may do the very same thing and absorb the gamma radiation out of Hulks body with Mjolnir.
Silver Surfer and Mighty Thor bouth got superior versatility and got the power to control manipulate vast amonts of energy.
If Silver Surfer did not care if Hulk was seriously injured or even killed he could use his extraordinary speed and versatility to stay away from Hulks powerful fists and blast the behemoth to death.
Only physical attributes as strength, durability and regeneration is not enough if you battle the most powerful superheroes there is.
Versatility, speed, combat skills and expirience, other primary abilitys, weapons and artifacts of power are other example of very important things when doing battle !
Silver Surfer just så Mighty Thor and Superman will be the winer primary because of superior Intelligence, speed and versatility
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US Agent Its a very hard battle, Slade is the slightly better fighter but Us Agent is much stronger.
In speed and durability bouth are superhuman and quite even.
Its a 50 50 chans !
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Wonder Woman Well there is theory suggesting it have become more difficult for Galactus to be well fed. Suggesting that sometime in a distant past be have been full fed. This is of les importance this was about Juggernauts insanly powerful force field and something to relate to.
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Wonder Woman Yes Durability = Juggernaut
No character below a full fed Galactus in power got a better durability then
Juggernaut !
When the force field surrounding him is active like in normal circumstance its almost impossible to injure this behemoth of destruction.
Mental attacks may work if the helm is removed and also magical weapons may injure him.
The Thunder God manipulated the force field negating it with the power of Mjolnir then used hos superior combat skills beating Juggernout with hos powerful fists.
Wonder Woman got magical weapons with origin from the gods of Olympus.
She got superior combat skills and will be able to defeat the rampaging behemoth.
Wonder Woman wins 6 out of 10 battles !
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Wonder Woman The master of magnetism Magneto an incredibly powerful Mutant and a very good character is fighting together with the mercenary and Mutate Puma.
The Demigodes Wonder Woman doughter of Zeus the sky father and ruler of Olympos.
This will be a long hard battle Mageto defending himself with a powerful force field and Puma using his incredible agility and reflexes dodging not of attacks.
Erics magnetic powers will make it very difficult for Diana to attack him.
In the end Wonder Woman is more powerful than Magneto and Puma and will be victorious.
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Thor Mighty Thor dont want to seriously injure a mortal, yes the Incredible Hulk is not just a mortal human he is the strongest there is !
Still there is a human inside this behemoth, a scientist called Bruce Banner.
The Incredible Hulk and Thor are also friends once joining the Avengers. To seriously injure or kill someone you know is not something an honorable warrior god does.
If Thor dont care if his adversary dies much more powerful attacks would be used as the Godblast, Antiforce blast, powerful bolts of lightning, magical energy charged blows from Mjolnir in close combat. Use the versatilty and absorb the radiation energy out of Hulk turning him to Banner just like Surfer did.
In the comics.. Charge Meginjord with magical energy to enhance hos strength or if need be enter warriors madness !
Thor is often writen in a very stupid way when he battles the Hulk. Its always a straight on battle using fists and Mjolnir in close range at Hulks terms. Why not writing Thor as a more tactical and intelligent warrior showing his vast expirience ?
Well Hulk would not look as strong and impressive and also the comics probably would sell less.
Mighty Thor is a God superhero created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to be the most powerful superhero there is.
This is why they chose a god to be a superhero in the first place.
The Marvel universe and Dc universe are just a modern reflection of ancient myths of heroes, giants, gods, demigods and monsters.
In mythology and alchemi, who is always the most powerful hero ?
Yes the warrior god who battle evil and protects mankind !
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Team Iron Man Iron Mans team Force works takes on the Justice Legue !
What team will be the one standing when its over ?
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Team Batman Mighty Thor versus Justice Legue ?
I have seen a lot of solo heroes versus hole teams not the least Superman alone taking on the Avengers.
This is instead a powerful Marvel hero taking on Dcs Primary superteam.
The advantage of number is not very easy to overcome.
Darkseid versus Avengers and the votes are more in favor for the evil New god then Mighty Thor should be the victorious in this battle ?
Just like Avengers defeated Darkseid, Justice Legue will defeat Mighty Thor in this battle after some of them is dead or Knocked out !
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Team US Agent Are the team of superheroes lead by Us Agent able to put the two villain powerhouses down for the count ?
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Team US Agent Us Agent got reinforcement to bring the Wrecking crue to justice !
The villains got more strength and Wrecker their leader is strongest capable to lift 50 tons. The heroes are all superhuman in every physical aspects not least in speed agility !
The villains are all very destructive and not very intelligent.
Wrecking crue will be defeated
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US Agent Us Agent battles the much stronger villan Rhino !
Rhino charge straight forward against John in 120 mph, Agent take cover behind his shield and they colide with a force to destroy a tank !
Most of the force is absorbed by the shield the rest Johns superhuman physic may handle as he flies back 20 feet and lands on his feet. With a superior Combat skill superhuman physic and incredible shield John Walker Alias Us Agent will defeat Rhino after several houers of battle !
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Wonder Woman & Superman This is not a fair battle Incredible Hulk alone versus Superman and Wonder Woman ?
The green behemoth is not as fast or skilled in Combat as the Dc characters.
A human Mutate versus an Alien of greater power than himself and a warrior Demigodes who are the doughter of Zeus.
The Incredible Hulk will be completely destroyed perhaps even dead !
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US Agent The government dont aprove to vigilante actions, Frank Castle you are under arrest and will be standing before a Judge !
Resist is futile put down youre guns or ill bust you re ******* skull !
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Spider-Man Spiderman is stronger and faster, Agent is the better fighter and got a dangerous weapon the shield.
Its a very Good battle but Agent will return to his superiors without succeding hos mission.
After eating dirt from the government the chase continues. Perhaps he will have support from other government agents.
Spiderman will be the winer in the first encounter !
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US Agent Its a realy intresting character a more instable and brutal version of CaptainAmerica
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US Agent Us Agent tracks down the Dark Knight and vigilante of Gotham, the government want to put an end of vigilantes taking Justice in own hands.
Us Agent is a more brutal , stronger and narrow minded version of CaptainAmerica.
A Mutate with superhuman abilitys, strength to lift 10 tons and with superhuman speed, agility, durability, stamina etc
A trained and expirienced soldier with realy good Combat skills.
Wielding a shield close to indestructable.
Attacks with this weapon will destroy several inch of steel plate.
I think Us Agent will defeat Batman with some difficulty because of his even better Combat skills and hightech gear.
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Team Iron Man There is no change of mind CaptainAmerica, Hawk eye and Black widow is not powerful enough to influence this battle.
Mighty Thor with the assistance of Incredible Hulk and Iron Manwill defeat Darkseid !
Mjolnir may absorb the Omega beams from the evil New god and redirects straight back.
When Iron Man and Hulk have Darkseid occupied Mighty Thor takes his time and releas a god blast from Mjolnir, the life energy of the Asgardian God in a devastating powerful blast !
This attack may be the very last thing Darkseid will expirience, at least it will klick him out för a victory.
Of course this is not a thing to just do the battle Will have more than one victim and have several deaths !
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Team Iron Man Mighty Thor versus
The man of steel Superman
A battle i have comment a lot of times, if using an objective approach to the characters inclueding things as weaknesses, artifacts of power and everything that may be of interest for the outcome of the battle its obvious the warrior god will be the winer.
Captain America versus Batman is another battle i have comment a lot of times.
We have to understand that Steve is not just a human with extraordinary abilitys like Batman. He is beyond every human that have ever been and ever will be in all physical attributes and in some ways also mental.
Captain America will be the winer.
Iron Man versus Wonder Woman
For about the same reasons Thor defeats Superman, Wonder Woman will defeat Iron Man. Diana is a warrior Demigodes and beyond the human species even with a ultatechnological cybernetic battle armor suit.
Iron Man will put up a realy good fight but Wonder Woman is to powerful and will be the winer.
Mighty Thor and Captain America versus Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman Will put up a serious fight and perhaps also take Captain America out knocking him out or even kill him.
At the end the god will be the last standing Mighty Thor and team Captain America wins.
If how ever Wonder Woman succeds in defeating Iron Man fast enough to be able to join Superman versus Mighty Thor.
The outcome will be diffrent, the two of them at the same time is of course to much for Thor.
Then team Batman wins with Superman or Wonder Woman as the last one standing !
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Team Silver Sable Silver Sable got a contract, bring this vigilantes to justice !
She hired some muscle to get the job done, will the succéd ?
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Darkwing im a moderator at a site on fb called Marvel addicts.
Im not that active on that site either.
Im also a member on other fan sites sometimes writing something.
How about you, are you also member on more fan sites ?
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not voted Its a battle for survival of their universe , witch team will succéd ?
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not voted The two genieus Victor von Doom and Led Luthor tries to destroy the Earth of Marvel and Dc universe !
Is Doctor Strange able to stop them with the assistance from some of the most powerful superheroes of each universe ?
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Team Doctor Strange (Classic) Each universe most powerful Sorcerer for the side of order or good are stuck in a battle versus each other. Bouth got company from two of the most powerful superheroes of each universe.
Who do you think will be the wining team ?
My thoughts of the battle !
Dr Strange vs Dr Fate *Dr Strange
Silver Surfer vs Superman *Silver Surfer
Hulk vs Wonder woman *Wonder Woman
Dr Strange and Silver Surfer
Vs Wonder Woman
*Dr Strange and Silver Surfer
Changing opponent will have Superman up against same two superheroes and the same duo standing as winers
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Team Captain America Captain America vs Batman
* Captain America
Iron Man vs Cyborg
* Iron Man
IncredibleHulk vs Wonder Woman
* Wonder Woman
Mighty Thor vs Superman
* Mighty Thor
CaptainAmerica, Iron Man and Mighty Thor
vs Wonder Woman
* CaptainAmerica, Iron Man and Mighty Thor
Wonder Woman will put up a heroic battle before going down and may even be able to take someone with her !
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Iron Man As a fan of CaptainAmerica i would love to see him defeat Iron Man.
In the movie Rogers defeated his armored team mate but there are conditions about the battle to question.
The most powerful attacks with the shield is capable of destroying an inch maybe even two of steel plate but Tonys armor is something else.
If Captain America realy is capable of destroying the Iron Man armor its a very hard thing to succéd.
Iron Man is strong enough to lift 100 tons and may easy harm Rogers with punches or his advanced weapons systems.
Captain America got a shield to block 90 percent of the attacks or perhaps more but a singel hit will seriously injure him.
Arter two or three hits with this power the battle is over.
The movie was plot based, if Iron Man used the abilitys to fly and all very advanced weapons systems he would be the victorious.
The battle may be long perhaps very long but Iron Man will be the winer !
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Superman I prefer the Incredible Hulk as a character I think he is a better more intresting superhero.
A troubled scientiest who transform into a rampaging behemoth of adrenalin and raw physical strength !
Superman is the godlike superhero defining what a superhero realy is.
He is the Alien raised by humans to become more human than most humans are.
The Kryptonian got more advantages in this battle than the Human Mutate.
Superman may fly and is fast as light, Hulk is grounded and fast as the sound.
Superman got a genieus intellect, the Hulk got below normal in intelligence.
The Kryptonian got a superior Versatility may fly, blast heat etc
Superman also got the better combat skills in this battle.
Comparing strength and durability they are very even.
The Hulk got a superior healing factor and perhaps also got the ability to become the slightly stronger but that would take a very long time !
Superman got the more advantages and the edge, Superman winns !