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Wildstorm Universe

God's History

The creature known as "God" is an ancient creature from far off space that used its mind to direct the Earth's formation from the proto-matter of the young Solar System at the time.

"God" swirled the matter into a spherical shape and size and then spanned it into the Sun's orbit at a resting spot for later use. However, while "God" had left the newly created Earth, the Earth was struck by a rogue planet, causing the Moon to form and the Earth to change and form conditions that would eventually lead to life beginning to appear. "God" later returned in the year 1999 from its slow tour of the Universe to discover the Earth had change dramatically to its distaste and sought to use its spores to terraform the planet and the be rid of the human infestation that was currently crowding it.

"God" first appeared to Earth and started drastically changing the landscape to one suited for its own survival in 1999 after infesting the moon. Its efforts were curtailed when Apollo sterilized the moon and the Engineer destroyed its terraforming spores on Earth. The Authority later ventured to "God" and entered its circulatory system before fighting their way to "God" brain. Jenny Sparks then used the last of her life force to electrocute "God's" brain, killing it before making the proclamation that the Earth was her domain.

God's dead body was later seen in orbit around Jupiter where a civilization of sentient organisms that were living inside it and feeding from it for survival had begun to die off after the Authority destroyed God's brain functions. Furious at the Authority for killing God and dooming their species to extinction, the organisms hired Lobo to hunt down and kill the Authority in exchange for selling the dead body of God to him to use on the organ gambling market. However, it was later revealed that by the time Lobo had arrived to Earth, God's orbit around Jupiter degenerated and it was destroyed after plunging into Jupiter's gravity well.