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Please Help! I don't know who would win.
Voted: Rey

Yes I am well aware that this Luke is from the extended universe and he is way more powerful than Rey. These comments are just an attempt to wind up the community to test their faith to the extended universe before Kathleen Kennedy actually destroys Star Wars and makes our jokes reality. There would be a point in the sad, but near future where Rey could possibly be stronger than this Luke. Its a sad truth, but it is the truth.
Voted: Rey

Thanks man! 4 times wasn't needed but enough said! I don't think they know how big the rocks are in the TLJ
Voted: Andrew Douch

Douch has mitochondria manipulation. Too Op!
Voted: Rey

Guys you don't understand. Rey can lift rocks and make outer space phone calls in TLJ. Luke can't even do shadow clone jitsu without dying! Rey is op!
Voted: Rey

Rey, easy win. Already stronger than luke in her first film!
Voted: Superman Cosmic Armor

Don't know why people are voting for spider-man

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