Gas (Limit Breaker)


Dragon Ball Verse

Gas's History

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Gas heads to Cereal with Elec in order to meet Macki and Oil, who have obtained the Dragon Radar and set up Goku and Vegeta to fight Granolah. As Granolah begins to overwhelm Ultra Ego Vegeta, Gas reports that they are about to reach the location of the first of the Cereal Dragon Balls. After obtaining it they head after the second and during this trip Gas reflects on his encounter with Bardock 40 years ago, and his failure to kill the Saiyan. Macki tells Gas and Elec that Granolah and the Saiyans have stopped fighting, so Elec sends the two to join up with Oil to finish them off while he goes after the last Dragon Ball to wish for Gas to become the strongest in the universe. Elec is successful before Gas and Macki reach their foes. After Goku, Vegeta and Granolah react in shock to the immense power approaching them Oil and Macki proudly present Gas - now the strongest in the universe - to their foes. Gas fires off a beam that cuts the land and destroys Granolah's ship then quickly incapacitates Granolah and Goku with energy constructs. He soon recognized Goku as Bardock's son, something Oil confirms. After learning Bardock was dead, he settled for killing Goku and the remnants of the Saiyans. Before he can kill Goku, he is attacked by Granolah and the two battle, with Gas easily beating down his rival.

Having been healed by Monaito, Goku transforms into his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form to try and buy time, but Gas easily takes him down too.

Thanks to Vegeta giving Granolah his Senzu Bean, the Cerealian returns to battle to face Gas once again. The two continue to fight with Granolah now able to hold his own with the aid of Oatmeel. However it is revealed that Gas is still merely relying on his own arsenal of techniques rather than the new ones that have been given to him once the wish had been granted. Gas eventually decides to use these techniques including Instant Transmission and Hakai and begins to hold a clear advantage over his opponent. Granolah removes his vest and leaps back in to action again to prove an even match for Gas with Vegeta noting that even though Gas boasts speed and power, his use of Instant Transmission is sloppy in comparisons to Granolah, allowing to still have a chance at victory.

As the battle continues however, Gas adapts to Granolah's tactics and gains the edge once more, easily taking down Granolah's clones. However this is revealed to have been a ploy by the Cerelian, who was discreetly charging a powerful energy blast, which he uses to knock Gas into the nearby river, as Macki and Oil go to Gas' side, Granolah recoils in pain from the accumulated damage from his clones. Elec suddenly arrives and takes off Gas' headpiece, having him unleash his instincts and transform into a powerful berserk state. In this state, Gas overwhelmed Granolah while his siblings noted on his madness. Macki and Oil attempted to stop him but he proceeded to knock them away before turning his attention to the Saiyans. He effortlessly beat Vegeta, forcing Goku to intervene. In the process, Gas had a brief recollection of his fight with Bardock and knocked himself away. As he raged in his form, Elec called out to him and snapped him out of his delirium by reminding him of his promise. Gas soon regained his wits and took control of his power, undergoing an awakening.