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Gandalf The White


Gandalf The White's powers and abilities

Gandalf the Grey displays the widest range of powers, though all other forms have at least this many. Though strangely, as this is more befitting a Maiar of Aule, his powers are very much linked to fire. Here is a list of a few of the times he used fire

ā?¢ Heating fire

ā?¢ Manipulating sparks

ā?¢ Creating massive pillars of smoke.

ā?¢ Lighting a log on fire while soaking wet

Gandalf also created bright white light during the Fellowship's expedition into Moria. He later displays the ability to focus this light into a beam.

Gandalf also displays the ability to use Words of Command. However, he only displayed this power once, when he used it to shut a door.

Gandalf the White displays these same powers but more advanced.

He also displayed the ability to communicate with animals, specifically Shadowfax.

Finally, he also shattered Sarumanā??s staff, and stripped him of his divine power.

As his unrestricted form, Olorin, he had all his previous powers massively boosted, and the ability to shapeshift.

However, even this form seems to have restrictions, as the Ainur were said to have their power restricted upon descending to earth. If so his true form would be enormously beyond his other forms, possibly capable of destroying entire universes.