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46 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team The Batman Who Laughs

Maybe hulk can make things worse, but the dark knights are ultimate multiversal conquerors.
Voted: The Batman Who Laughs

I'll go for The Apex Predator here. The guy faced an army of heroes and villians tyrant aliens ALONE, conquered and killed world after world in his dimension... c'mon. In an random encounter he goes down, but give him three days of prep time and he will have like 15 different ways to kill Ymir.
102 days ago
Batman vs Rey
Voted: Batman

You serious? . Batman has trained his entire life to achieve maximum physical and mental human conditioning, mastering most martial arts and becoming one of the most brilliant, analytical and strategic minds out there. With his stealth skills Rey would not even see him coming in to knock her out, and in hand-to-hand combat she's a very poor writen and would not have a chance with the Force since she does not even know how to use it in combat. Give Batman a lightsaber and he will beat mpst of the jedis alone, the guy already beaten dozens of crimans in hand to hand with no weapons.

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