Star Storms II

I Drew Lionman

Although my drawing skills have a limit i drew this picture

Uploaded by ManofPower
Characters Lionman, Star Storms II
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1+ years member.
Not bad! Looks adorable!
Thanks bro .
TBH it took me a bout to draw this picture . It's hard to draw in n my tablet
1+ years member.
Well done. 😀
Thanks . Now try and get the ladies with that adorable face 😀
1+ years member.
Lol bro!
Yeh it's really good for a computer drawing
Thanks bro . You've been really active lately . You've had a break on Work,School etc etc
Holidays here in Australia.
On didn't know you were a Aussie mate . Good to meet another one of you . Hope things are going good in the land down under😊
it is. thanks for asking
Y'all like it ?
I Drew this .
Y'all like it ?

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