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Voted: Justice League

LMAO inhale my ENTIRE cock, captain america
no. he a bitch
no. he a bitch
Voted: Nightwing

FINALLY a normal person
Voted: Deathstroke

lol at least deathstroke isnt some lame ass rip off
create your own original characters, marvel
this fucking angry ass motherfucker who's traumatized from his family member's deaths (whom he killed) is one of the strongest assholes in all of dc, hands down.
this bitch ass beATED HALF OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE A L O N E with one metal boi
Voted: Batman

thankfully batman hasnt been stuck in a big block of ice for 70 years
Voted: Batman

at least this furry is still fucking alive lmaooooooooooo
Voted: Batman

BITCH THIS MAN, BATMAN, GOES AROUND CARRYING KRYPTONITE AT ALL TIMES. the entire bat fam carries it. fucking alfred can beat this pussy ass alien

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