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Souijirou Mibu

Shinza Banshou

Futsunushi's powers and abilities


Ishigami Shinto Ryu

A sword style built upon the killing intent and spirit of the practitioner. Such techniques include turning killing intent into long-ranged homing slashes, precision cuts without drawing his sword, and attacking from blind spots.

Kubitobashi no Kaze -- Kou no Daini ・Sabae

A high level technique of Ishigami Shinto Ryu. That allows him to manifest his killing intent as long-ranged slashes. Regardless of the location of his actual blade, for it manifests of his will. Thus could hit his target even without visual perception of them. The greater his killing intent, the greater the strength of the cuts.

Hayachi・Mikoto no Ibuki

The mastery of Ishigami Shinto Ryu, a technique that allows one to release attacks focused upon the blind spot of the enemy. So that the enemy cannot even precieve the movements of the blade, as if being devoured by numerous invisible beasts.


Unknown Distortion

Mibu Soujirou’s Distortion. The extent of this ability is unknown as Soujirou is unaware of its nature, thus he can only use it unconsciously. Soujirou states that whoever fought against him "died". Not only from lacerations, but from mysterious illness or accidents, dozens of years in the future or few days before they even meet him.


Futsunushi Futsunomitama no Ken

(経津主神・布都御魂剣, Futsunushi・Futsunomitama no Ken) Its ability is severance of all creation, an ultimate form of swordsmanship embodying concept of disconnection itself. No longer requiring a sword to exercise his authority; Soujirou is a sword itself, as such the same phenomenon would occur if he was wielding a wooden staff, chopsticks or even fighting with his bare hands. Regardless of physical matter and abstract wonders, everything which intersects with him is cut indiscriminately. At first, flesh is cut regardless of its hardness. Then, concepts of "missing" and "swinging" no longer exists. The logic that one slash is produced with one swing no longer applies; Soujirou can pile up as much slashes as he wants. Furthermore, by cutting concept of distance his sword has infinite range.



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers