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Voted: Lady Shiva

Ok its so obvious no debate
Voted: Deathstroke

okay maybe in the comics he can beat him but in the TV show Beware The Batman episode 22 and 26 He equaled and defeated batman both times They are pretty much equal physically and mentally but Deathstroke like Anarky (from the show) with their unpredictable battle tactics gave them the edge over Batman in several battles. Plus Bat Knight below me this isn't a fight between Deathstroke and Batman+Batmobile+Batwing this is only hand to hand not vehicle to hand. Plus To further round up my point I think Deathstroke is a little more skilled than batman and has a bit more weapons too.
Voted: Deathstroke

Deathstroke will still win
Voted: Deathstroke

ok srry if that was to long and boring 4u 2 read
Voted: Deathstroke

Okay I haven't seen Deadpool in action but since they are both the same person they are evenly matched. However, Deadpool's healing ability is also his weakness. all Deathstroke has to do is shoot him with a poisoned bullet. The bullet will always be in Deathstroke because whenever he will try to cut it out he will regenerate, covering the infected bullet and at the same time allowing the poison to be exposed to his blood stream eventually killing him.
Voted: Martian Manhunter

Martian man hunter has a lot more powers than Superman like: Intangibility, teleportation, and shape shifting to name a few.
Superman only has: Flight, super strength, freeze breath, etc.
247 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Justice League

So true! thats how it would go