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You all know what a would you rather is (look it up if you don't) but I want some superhero themed ones


Would You Rather be Pre Retcon Beyonder or be Unbound Spectre
2+ years member.
Beyonder without a DOUBT (except for his mental problems, but he's nearly omnipotent so that'll go well)
I'd rather be spectre cause spectre is more highly intelligent
Would you rather be Superman(outerversal) or be Toaa(High hyperversal)
You mean Cosmic Armor Superman?
No. Lol. I mean base Superman and im also making fun of a discord server that said base superman / base Darkseid are high outerversal
I don't remember base Superman being outerversal
Like I just said I'm making fun of people on a discord server that said base Superman is outerversal. It's not what I actually believe.
would you rather be Hulk (omiveral) or be Batman with prep (everything and nothing at the same time)

(TheNemianLion vs Empty Hand)
What is omiveral? Did you mean Omniversal?
Also I'd rather be Batman with prep time cause I'll be >>>>Omnipotent >>>Omniscient & >>>>Omnipresent in 3 minutes
1+ years member.
superman is omnipotent
@darkwing Carnage or venom, would work, probably carnage.
@andreasver, I would take the Symbiote.
2+ years member.
Would you rather wear a Venom symbiote or become a wielder of Mjolir like Eric Masterson, also known as Thunderstrike, on condition that Odin, who tells you that he doesn't care a bit about your life unless you prove that you are better than Thor just like Beta Ray Bill did, gives you instructions about anything you should either do or not do, with removal of all your powers without death being a punishment for disagreeing with Odin instead of risking your life?
Carnage symboite?
Why is my comment reported
2+ years member.
Would you rather be hired by Lobo to be give him instructions about which contracts he should accept and which he should not, even if another one of his guides could advise him to destroy your town despite your life being guaranteed as a condition of your contract with Lobo or make a deal with Mephisto instead?
Isn't Mephisto the Devil?
2+ years member.
Would you rather pick Hulk as a bodyguard because he's the strongest one there is despite a considerable possibility of punching you to death or pick Carol Danvers and allow Hulk to become the bodyguard of someone else who might hold a grudge against you?
Which version of the Hulk
I choose hulk maybe he could revert back to Bruce Banner and we could be friends
Would you rather fight Trigon or fight True Form Darkseid
1+ years member.
true form darkseid because it will be a more epic battle
Would you rather have full acsess to Wakandan technology or Stark technology?
Would you rather?

A. Vote Lucifer morningstar always wins
B. Vote Superman always wins
2+ years member.
Would you rather have Lionman take you as his sidekick or Star Storms? (Think about Lionman's money by the way)
1+ years member.
lion man his money
Would you rather be dr doom or savitar?
Would you rather be a speedster or be a kryptonian (Superman racer)
3+ years member.
In this world, I would definitely choose to be a Kryptonian since they are much more versatile, but if I was living in a comic book world I would choose to be a speedster since they are more powerful overall.
2+ years member.
Kryptonians, Speedsters are over rated, they are mid tier combatants at best
Would you rather possess the powers and skills of Shazam or Black Adam and why
Shazam as Greek Gods > Egyptian Gods
I'd be Adam because he's cooler (in my opinion)
I would rather be Shazam
Shazam is superior in every way. Shazam has caught up with The Flash . Matched Superman in strength . And is just plain cooler .
Black Adam is cooler but I do agree that Shazam is better
2+ years member.
Black Adam, he's fought Shazam and Superman at once, he's far stronger than Shazam
Would you rather have the Ironman Bleeding Edge Armor or have the Ironman Modle Prime Armor?
2+ years member.
Model Prime is an advanced version of the Bleeding Edge so Model Prime.
Is modle prime stored in his bones like the bleeding edge armor is?
2+ years member.
Not sure. Ask @LordTracer. He's the one that told me about Model Prime. Or watch DanCo's Top 10 Deadliest Iron Man suits video.
1+ years member.
Model Prime is the most powerful Iron Man suit.
@tracer Is the model Prime stored in his bones?
1+ years member.
I don't know, but I don't think it is.
2+ years member.
Godkiller >>>> Model prime
God killer not an option
I'd wear the bleeding edge armor because Ironman can access it at anytime because it's stored in his bones unlike the modle prime which he has to physically put on and that takes time let me know if you agree
@mop what are your thoughts would you rather have the Ironman bleeding edge armor or the model prime armor and why?
If you were arrested Would you rather go to the mutant prison from the X-men or the meta human prison from the flash show and why
Umm Metahuman . I gotta go now goodbye
2+ years member.
Metahuman Prison because Caitlin and Cisco are nice 😁
I'd be stuck in the mutant jail because it's more realistic more space they get to work out something I've been wondering ever sense I started watching the flash on Netflix who feeds those prisoners where do they use the restroom and i don't know about you if rather be dead then in that prison at least I could learn to get along in the mutant prison and maybe. The X-force will break me out what do you think?
3+ years member.
I could definitely be released from the meta human prison once Team Flash sees that I'm not a bad guy, but there's no hope of release from the mutant prisons
Would you rather be stuck in the Omega Sanction or stuck in the soul stone (both for the rest of eternity unable to die or escape)
The Soul Stone all the way. It's not a cruel place actually . The Omega Sanction is literally a array of infinite deaths
What is it like in the soul stone?
Well I'm not sure about the comics but in Infinity War the soul stone seemed to be a peaceful calm dead place . Youre all alone except for your mind giving illusions of lost dead close relatives . I would rather that than burn in lava or drown or be shot etc for eternity
@mop would you rather burn/drowned for eternity or be stuck inside the omega sanction!
One in the Same .
2+ years member.
Soul Stone! It's not a bad place. In fact, the pocket dimension is quite peaceful in both the MCU and the Comics.
Would you rather be flash as shown in the CW (Arrowverse) or be quicksilver as shown in the X-Men movies
I would rather be the Flash from CW. Not only is The Flash my favorite Superhero he is much faster than even X-Men Quicksilver . Barry was able to travel 67% the speed of light . Don't think just because Barry said Mach 7 means that's the speed they were going . Someone made a video about how fast Barry was going and he said it was 67% the speed of light , that's Mach 582554.376
I'd rather live the life of any X-man over any meta-human and I like Peter better (look at my new profile pic witch I keep forgetting to change back to nightwing) but I have to agree flash over quicksilver
If the world had to end would you rather it be eaten by Galactus or snapped out of existence by an infinity gauntlet?
If I was eaten by Galactus it would hurt as I would explode into trillions if not Quadrillion of pieces . Thanos snap is quick and painless
How do you know it would hurt?
How do you know it would hurt @manofpower
Same reason if you were to get hit by Nuke. It literally vaporizes you and your molecules .
That would be quick
Still you'll feel it for a few microseconds . I would rather feel no pain than feel pain for a few microseconds and bad pain at that
Where do you go after the snap?
I believe you go to the soul stone dimension
1+ years member.
eaten by galactus that would be way cooler
Would you rather face Scorpion or Sub-Zero
I've heard of them but I don't know much (not old enough for that game)
Think of Batman plus Ghost Rider vs Batman plus Killer Frost
Killer frost ice ice baby (she is my fave flash villain)
Would you rather be a hareld for Galactus or a host of the Phoenix Force?
The Phoenix Force is a terrible Master
Galactus All the way
How's it s terrible master (it can't be worse than working with Galactus can it?)
The Phoenix Force is somewhat evil . Galactus is not a terrible Master he actually is very kind to his heralds. He is reasonable as well
Where is it said. That Galactus is nice to his heralds (just curious I'd love to read that)
And also how is the Phoenix evil I know Dark Phoenix is but that is Jean's emotion plus the Phoenix's power
You have to ask @Tracer . I learned that from him and Galactus isn't truly evil
The Phoenix Five are evil and Phoenix is only good when Jean is connected to it
Phoenix 5 don't count
I meant jean Grey Phoenix or silver Surfer when I was thinking up that question
Still you and I aren't Jean so we would turn evil . Galactus can bestow great power to us and we won't turn evil
@sirspider why?
2+ years member.
I don't want to be ushering in doom to countless innocent lives my entire life
But you'd be doing the same as dark Phoenix
2+ years member.
Who said it was Dark Phoenix?
You never know thane and Phoenix 5 went insane (and Jean Grey is special) so who is to you won't go insane as Phoenix ask @tracer he will tell you all about Galactus
Host of Phoenix. It's much cooler.
2+ years member.
Ugh, Superman? Why Superman? If Superman is paired with Thor, then Silver Surfer and Juggernaut by far
Be a composite of Silver Surfer and The Juggernaut or Thor and Superman
2+ years member.
Ugh, Superman? Why Superman? If Superman is paired with Thor, then Silver Surfer and Juggernaut by far
Do you just hate Superman? I mean I know he's a Gary Stu but I have never seen anyone dislike Superman as much as you do. Ok I'll change it to Hulk and Thor
Thor and Superman (two of my fave characters)
2+ years member.
@ManofPower: He is just a terribly done character. Just add the word 'super' before everything that concerns SUPERman and that is what SUPERman is. And that is more like it. Thor and the Hulk all the way
Composite Juggernaut is above Thor's and Superman's paygrade. I choose him and Silver Surfer.
2+ years member.
I'd love to be Silver Surfer but Juggernaut? Ew. That ruins it. However, Superman and Thor is a WONDERFUL combination and I'd love to be the light-hearted hero combined with an experienced god with a magical hammer.
1+ years member.
silver surfer and juggernaut
Would you rather bethe herald of
I don't know who Cyttorak or Nekron are and the helmet of fate drives you insane so I guess Galactus
Juggernaut is the herald of Cyttorak. If you become a herald of Cyttorak you'll be one similar to Juggernaut
Nekron is the emotional embodiment of darkness and death. He is the Parallax to black Lanterns . You'll be somewhat similar to Silver Suffer but with a black lantern rng
Okay I know who cytterack is now just the spelling threw me off (still Galactus though)
Nabu. He's the most powerful there.
Choose One
Be a composite of Doctor Fate and The Sentry or The Flash and The Hulk composite?
I'm Flashulk
3+ years member.
Doctor Fate and Sentry easy
You can put Sentry on the other side, I'd still choose Fate. He's way too OP in composite.
Sentry alone would be enough for me
This forum is in the general section if anyone is looking for it
Would you rather live life as thanos (collect 6 magical stones then snap half the universe out of existence then battle hordes of heroes ani heroes and villains and even fight eternity itself before being forced into hiding after the heroes get you and spend the rest of your life as a farmer on an unpopulated planet) or live life blind deaf and paralyzed from the neck down
2+ years member.
Would you rather, be a herald of Galactus, or be granted Godhood by Odin?
2+ years member.
Herald of Galactus. I'd get more powerful abilities.
2+ years member.
Considering Thor's magic in more powerful than the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic, Godhood is the obvious choice
3+ years member.
I'd much rather give my loyalty to Odin than Galactus
1+ years member.
Herald, no question.
Odin I think he'll be nicer
2+ years member.
Galactus is pretty nice to his heralds. He isn't actually a bad guy. Galactus always tries to eat non-inhabited planets and he holds back against heroes like Thor and Iron Man.
Odin is a arrogant ********, like his son, and Galactus is just doing nature tells him to do, he'll be nicer. And he'll give you better powers.
2+ years member.
Odin isn't that arrogant; he's just strict. Galactus gives you a lot more freedom with your powers and won't yell at you every time he gets angry. Odin is cool too. BTW - Thor isn't arrogant anymore.
2+ years member.
Finding planets with countless of innocent lives on it so that Galactus can destroy it vs guarding the Nine Realms from any opposing forces? The latter of the two sounds more appealing
If Galactus is not to bad then him because I get the power cosmic
Thanos is attacking you. Who do you choose to protect you? Doctor Fate or Thor?
I'd be fine with either but if I had to pick it would be Fate
2+ years member.
Doctor Fate. IDK if either could save me but I have a better chance with Doctor Fate. The only 100% guaranteed way I won't die is if Nabu comes out.
I would definitely choose Doctor Fate. Not only is he far more powerful, he is smarter, more skilled with his powers and a tactician. Thanos already manhandled Thor, idk if he would be much of help, unless Thor has some major amps.
2+ years member.
Ehh, Doctor Fate has never defeated a being as powerful as Galactus
He has contested and beaten far more powerful. What does Galactus have to do with him anyway?
2+ years member.
In which comic? And I say Galactus because Thor defeated him within one blast
Fate casually fights multiversal opponents. Fate fought Spectre, who's easily above Thor. Thor got destroyed by a Starving Galactus, and is canonnicaly below Thanos. Therefore Thor beating Galactus is PIS.
2+ years member.
I said in which comic, try again. That was Old King Thi, not Thor, try again. Thor stalemated Thanos in 'Infinity', try again. Thir beats many being on the power level of Galactus, try again
2+ years member.
I don't know why Old King Thor lost to a Starving Galactus. He should have won. I can see him stalemating a MF Galactus but definitely losing to a Well-Fed Galan.
Thor because he nearly killed thanos.
I'll send you the scan. Old King Thor is even more powerful than Thor, try again. Thanos destroyed Thor two times, try again. Thor loses to Herald level beings and below all the time, try again.

2+ years member.
Lol, very original of you, @soratoumiga. I said in which comic, try again. Old King Thor is just an old Thor. Thor in his prime is more powerful, try again. Thanos was incapable of inducing any damage upon Thor in their fights. The one time they did fight was in 'Infinity', of which they stalemated in, try again. Thor has defeated the most notable Herald, Silver Surfer, 4 times out of 6. The other two were stalemates due to outwardly interference, try again
The scan is enough, try again. Old King Thor is more powerful than Odin, Odin is more powerful than Thor, try again. False, Thanos casually pimp slaps Thor into oblivion, try again. He lost to Black Bolt, who's below Herald, and was hurt and damaged by a bullet, which puts him below a planetary threat, try again.
2+ years member.
Sorry, I don't accept out of context scans that I cannot read, try again. Thor has proven time and time again that when he doesn't hold back, he is more powerful than Odin. And you have no evidence to suggest that Old King Thor is more powerful than Odin. While Odin stalemated Galactus, Old King Thor got beat by Galactus, try again. Pimp slaps mean s**t if they do no damage, try again. Thor holds back against lesser beings like Black Bolt, so it is to be expected that Thor would get beat by him, try again. Thor being damaged by a bullet is WIS, try again.
It's your fault and stupidity. The scan shows vast superiority of Doctor Fate. No, he hasn't, you have no evidence, try again. Odin headbutt Galactus, Galactus casually brushed it off, but Odin was exhausted and had to go into state of Odinsleep. Galactus > Odin, try again. He has done SO much damage, and even beat him in Infinity, try again. Black Bolt is even canonically above Thor, so Thor is the lesser being. Lol, "Thor being damaged is WIS". What a joke! Try again.
2+ years member.
No f***t. It is not my fault. You posted a scan that NO ONE can read. Anyways, you just proved that you don't know in which comic that scan happens in, so try again. Lol, "you have no evidence." B***h, everything I say is backed up with COMIC BOOK evidence, so try again. In 'Journey Into Mystery Volume 1 #94', Thor, when not holding back, proves that his strength is superior to Odin's. In 'Thor Volume 2 #12', Thor, when not holding back, decimated an Odinforce empowered Majeston Zelia within one blast, proving that Thor is more powerful than Odin and his Odinforce. In 'The Mighty Thor Volume 1 #5' Odin stalemated Galactus in their fight, but in 'Thor Volume 1 #161', Thor decimates Galactus within one blast, proving that he is more powerful than Odin. THAT is what I like to call evidence. Don't ever tell me again that I don't have any evidence, so try again. Lol, you have no evidence to suggest Thanos "beat" Thor in 'Infinity', try again. Black Bolt isn't more powerful than Galactus, so try again. Lol, that's like saying, ""Galactus being damaged is WIS". What a joke! Try again." Try again
I don't have time to read that. You haven't proven Thor being above Fate, yet.
Would you rather be Wakandan or Asgardian? Keeping in mind you get to live there.
2+ years member.
Pfft, Asgardians without a doubt
2+ years member.
Asgardian, I'd effectively be a super soldier with God armor
Would you rather join the Justice League or Avengers and lead them
3+ years member.
I would much rather join the Justice League, but I am definitely not worthy of leading them
Avengers cause i would get to visit Asgard and wakanda and meet Tony stark.
JLA definitely. They are cooler and more powerful, in general, but I wouldn't lead them.
1+ years member.
Justice League, but I definitely wouldn't be able to lead them.
2+ years member.
Avengers. If I were to lead them, no threat would ever touch the face of the Earth. That is just a testament to the power of the Avengers. *cough* Thor *cough*
There are JLA members that defend the universe and multiverse... Defending Earth would be easy.
2+ years member.
Either way my leadership would annihilate any possible threat, as I am the obvious choice... But if I chose one, it'd be the Avengers, just to fire the SJW heroes and start my own team, Lionman, that's me, Hulk, Thor, Sentry, Hyperion, Blue Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man and about 15 more but I'm too tired to think.
Justice league as long as it's the main universe and not injustice if it's injustice the avengers
Would rather be in the assassin's Creed universe or Dishonored
Dishonored is my universe I have form on which universe would win if the assassin's met the people of Dishonored
I said superhero would you rather not video games if you want a video game forum why not make one?
3+ years member.
Would you rather have all of Wakanda's tech or all of Stark's tech
2+ years member.
Starks, Bleeding Edge, Godkiller and Endosym armour are superior than anything Panther has as far as I know.
1+ years member.
Stark tech has the Model Prime and Endosym, so I'll go with that.
2+ years member.
ALL of Stark Tech? Well, then I'd get the Endo-Sym, Thor-Buster, Model Prime, Bleeding Edge, and God-Killer. I'm going with Stark Tech.
I would become so powerful having the Bleeding Edge , God Killer , Hulk Buster , Galactus Buster , Model Prime , Endosym etc etc
Stark tech cause of bleeding edge, hulkbuster, thorbuster etc
2+ years member.
Doesn't Wakanda have the most advanced technology on Earth, just that no one really knows about it? If so, "Wakanda forever"
2+ years member.
Would you rather by stuck in between Abomination's armpit or give Hulk a foot massage with your mouth?
Did ever read that post dcfan left for you on soul57 math he,s been waiting for an answer
1+ years member.
Abomination, definitely.
2+ years member.
And when I say up the Abomination's armpit you'll basically swallowing his sweet and bathing in it.
1+ years member.
Then I choose option C to die immediately.
2+ years member.
Too late! Can't change your decision! XD
1+ years member.
I'd choose option C
Abomination Because at least he looks cool (in my opinion)
Assassin's Creed vs dishonored
2+ years member.
Assassin's Creed
Who would rather fight with in flashpoint team Amazon or team Alantices
2+ years member.
Atlantians, don't the Amazons hate men?
Yeah they do I'm team Amazon I love Diana even if I was killed I'd still like to "sleep" with her before she killed me
1+ years member.
Atlanteans, no question.
2+ years member.
What's to say she would sleep with you? She didn't sleep with Steve Trevor.
Hey man it's just a fantastsy
2+ years member.
I reckon maybe any other Wonder Woman might, depending on what you're like, but Flashpoint hates men is all I'm saying.
2+ years member.
She gonna decapitate some heads
3+ years member.
I would rather fight alongside the Amazonians if they would let me since they're land-based rather than water-based, and they are much more skilled warriors, so they could teach me a lot more
2+ years member.
But they murder men on site.
2+ years member.
Based on the DC movies, Atlanteans by far
Alantis I hate amazon
1+ years member.
Would you rather fight Doctor Doom with the fantastic four. Or fight Magneto with X-Men
2+ years member.
Depends on the X-Men team and how much prep Doom gets.
1+ years member.
No prep with doom but you can have she-hulk on your side. And as for xmen you get Wolverine Iceman and Rogue vs Magneto in his apocalypse state.
1+ years member.
fight doctor doom with the fantastic four because i hate to battle weak villians
2+ years member.
Would you rather wield Mjolnir or a Lantern Power Ring?
1+ years member.
Lantern Power Ring. The possibilities are endless with one of them.
2+ years member.
That's hard. If Mjolnir says I'm worthy, I might as well pick it. However, if it is a White Lantern ring, then I'll pick the ring.
2+ years member.
Mjolnir, if I get the abilities of Thor, but I rather have my own Uru weapon tailored to me, probably an axe or a sword.

But a Red Lantern ring would be cool too.
3+ years member.
what @LordTracer said
Mjolnir or a lantern ring .
Honestly I see my self fit for a compassion ring or will .
But I would choose Mjolnir as my will or compassion isn't close to indigo 1 or Hal jordan
2+ years member.
*the indigo ring is given to those with a lack of compassion, like serial killers and stuff*
Lantern Power Ring. It's more powerful and has wider range of abilities.
2+ years member.
Lantern Rings are rather limited. You are limited to just energy constructs, energy blasts, super speed, super strength, and super durability. Mjolnir grants you a wide array of super powers such as super speed, regenerative healing factor, force fields, magic, energy manipulation, darkforce manipulation, magnetic manipulation, molecular and atomic manipulation, whether manipulation, time manipulation, elemental manipulation, elemental transmogrification, terrakinesis, time travel, electokinesis, memory erasement, astral travel, power sense, danger sense, banishment, seismic power, pyrokinesis, hypnokinesis, and illumination. The list goes on and on. Not to mention, no one can pick up Mjolnir unless you want them to and Mjolnir would come right back to you once thrown and will surpass any barrier to reach your hand. So, my pick is obviously with Mjolnir
Power ring because it can do anything (white lantern for me)
1+ years member.
well it depends on wich lantern
2+ years member.
Would you marry Scarlet Witch or Starfire?
Wanda. She can make all my wishes come true, if you know what I mean. Sorry, I should be punished (by her).
2+ years member.
Star fire, she's kinky and her body is rocking, of course I'm talking New 52
1+ years member.
Starfire, basically for the same reasons Nemian gave.
Starfire any time but you gotta kill dick Grayson to have her
2+ years member.
Or just convince him to date Batgirl.
Yeah before she got shot by the clown
2+ years member.
He can still date her, it'd just be tough to have intimacy but it's possible.
2+ years member.
I'd pick Starfire...

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