Would you rather have this website go down for two months then have a completely fixed version or keep everything the way it is now

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While I do not visit here as often as I would like, I do hate to see the site go down for two months, unless absolutely necessary.
is galactus the creator of the website?
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Galactus is the Godfather to my Don
its ok now,the only thing it needs is update to some characters
Build a new website, and put a scale on the power levels (i.e, a range between say 200 pounds and 20 tons for weight, 5 mph to the speed of light for speed, etc). This will make sure that characters like Spiderman won't have the same strength level as characters like Superman.
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There will be new benchmarks for all the stats on the new website.
@Galactus what will the new website be? Will it just be this website except updated?
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There is no need to put the current website offline. You can build the new website and switch them when it's done.
A lot more users can update characters now, but some only add stats. They can't update characters if the site is offline. 😉
I know but this is just s what if
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What do you think needs to be "fixed?"
When I said fixed I meant stuff like bugs were fixed, version 4.0 would be released both on the site and the app, their would be a chat system, (discord doesn't count) all characters were updated and have biographies, all that good stuff

I meant to put that in the discretion but I accident hit post before I was done making this
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If there are any bugs you find on the site you can recommend for them to be fixed here - https://www.superherodb.com/forum/suggestions-for-the-site/100-2672/
Definitely keep it the same . I could not voluntarily just go with out SHDb (It's my drug XD)

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