Who would (WIN) jiren (FULL POWERD) & vegeta (ULTRA BLUE)vs goku (ULTRA INSTINCT) & broly (FULL POWERD)

Starter: Deathstroke4U

Category: Battles

Plz place your vote plz do not choose your favorite character just who is more powerful,


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I agree with @DarkProdigy and @EmptyHand. Why put 'Win' in parenthesis? And why not just create a battle for this?
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Goku Ultra instinct and Broly. UI Goku could potentially solo, add Broly to that, who is stronger than Ultra Blue Vegeta based on calcs and scaling, then it's an easy victory for Goku and Broly.
You can just make this a team battle, anyways idk which wins
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Why do you put parenthesis in random spots in your sentences

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