Who would win if the GOTG fought each other

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Who would win if Star-lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot and Mantis fought each other


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Rocket he is way smarter and more agile then groot
Rocket could literally headshot them all.
And that dose not stop groot from impaleing him.
Rocket dodges grooms attacks
Na groot impales them all.
Gamora would be the last one standing. She is the most well rounded fighter on the team, her enhancements would allow her to deal with Groot and Drax's strength, her skill, versatility, and sheer speed are to much for most of the guardians to consistently deal with.
If Groot would hold back against Rocket then yes. Otherwise Groot solos
Actually Gamora solos.
Groot solos entire rest ( Or Yondu one shots everyone )
Movie versions
Star lord is not celestial
Groot is an adult