Who Wins (Plz read Description)

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IDK if this is a good idea but we should do a Debating Tournament . For example
SirSpidey is knowledgble with Thor
NemianLion is with Hulk
Hulk vs Thor
I will supervise the debates and there can only be 8 contestants
Also answer this question
Who would win in this debate?
SirSpidey , NemianLion , Soratoumiga , SoulCollector and LordTracer in
Doomsday vs Hulk vs Thor vs Scarlet Witch vs Goku
Let me know


Wanda erases them all, gg.
You must make a forum of the debate and only the two debaters (including the judge , Co-Superviser and I) can comment on the debate . If you insult your opponent you instantly are disqualified . And each debate has a time limit of 1-2 days
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A forum has already been and @Soulcollector57 is judging...
Well tomorrow is the last day (for the tournament at least idc if y'all continue it)
So I'm just assuming Nemian and Spidey characters are Tor and Hulk
Nemian Hulk vs SirSpdey Thor
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How many times have we done Hulk VS Thor though?
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Of course I would win
Umm... Not to sure about that Spidey
Nemian is joining and I'm assuming Lord Tracer and Soul Collector re as well
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It seems the people are no longer with you Spidey
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@ManofPower: You say that as if I am supposed to be afraid or something...
Well Nemian is one of the only who can destroy you in a debate
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I'd slaughter all of you rookies with one arm and while half asleep.
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Can I help judge? The only characters I can think of beating all of these guys are Zarathos, Odin, Doctor Fate, or Doctor Strange. However, I want to be a spectator with you.
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I am putting my bet on you Nemian that you'll win. However, I have no bias towards any of them, but I know a good debater when I see them, and it's you.
Sure Akhil you can judge as well
I will not be joining this tournament