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Who solos this verse?

Created by Affan, 6 mo 9 d ago.

1. Cosmic/extradimensional/outterversal realms: Some of these realms contains cosmological multiverses which have similar
cosmology like Marvel DC SCP and such. (though only statement from my story)

2. Rulers of these realms: They already exceeds these realms and are viewed infinitesimal to them and have lower beings who obeys them who already exceeds these and views them as tiny sand can sent avatars which have a fraction of the true form power.

3.Infinitely layered layers into much higher realms: In these realms the rulers true form exists who are so beyond that no one in the lower to medium realm can even imagine and understand. They view their avatars as infinitesimal and have powers unknown but still immense and they are higher avatars who if not viewed infinitesimal still an atom and have unknown powers. The realms exists within the world of the cosmology but lies above infinitely layered layers of the world's boundaries within the world meaning the world is extremely immense and enormous but they still exists within it and not even close to outside.

3. Void beyond creation: The voids are 2 the one void exists outside the world and the second exists outside the previous transfinite void which is infinite and beyond that lies the real world we live and watching this video and me commenting.

4. Realm beyond our world: The world be our world is a sensible and realistic common place which are 2 one is the unobserved universe which we are yet to discover and another is the real/unobservable universe we can never even fathom only theorize and think with no evidence to prove is it true or not? And the real size may lie there or something impossible to except or imagine.

5. Most powerful beings: The beings are the evil, the beings who can shook the voids and the whole verse combine , the 2 beings (1 the knowledge of compreshiablilty and the evil's leader ) , the main character and the mysterious entity ( inverse) and the void shakers real forms lives outside the verse and in real world and the ruler of any country (outverse).
Now say who among the existing current fiction except memes solos my verse. :)

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