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Who is this?

Created by Silverbullet1990, 3 y 8 mo 10 d ago.

I'm trying to remember this comic book character whose name I forgot, but I do remember some stuff about his character description: â?˘He is a barbarianâ?˘Has red hair, cape, and eyepatchâ?˘Lives in a future dystopian New York Cityâ?˘It's flooded where he lives â?˘Has a female doctor as his sidekick, sidekick's dad is a scientistâ?˘Good guyâ?˘From a comic series in the 1960sSome stuff may be a bit off from the rest, but if someone could tell me who this is that would be great


Silverbullet1990 3 y 8 mo 8 d
Who is this?
44 months member
It's Might sampson, thanks for the help!
Galactus 3 y 8 mo 10 d
Who is this?
8+ year member
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TheNemianLion 3 y 8 mo 8 d
Who is this?
67 months member
The knowledgable one