Who is the scariest fictional comic book character?

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Carnage or Sabretooth, when they are written properly, the Joker is also very scary, because he could legitimately be an actual person in real life, and there probably is someone out there like that, Ultron, with his infinite army or just any of the Marvel Zombies.
You forgot trigon who is way scarier then anyone you mention
Trigon is not scary
Yes he is especially if you're a five year old watching teen titans season 4
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I would say Joker, but Oblivion, Cestis, Abeloth, and Thanos could take their respective spots.
Your scared of Thanos' snap?
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None of them, tbh.
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Actually, you know what, Dead End from the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen comics.
Ya the live action series Dead end was allright is scariness. But nothing to give me nightmares about.
Either Abeloth (Star Wars) or Trigon (DC)
Empty hand is way more scary then either
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Empty Hand is a clown.
Is that supposed to be an insult? @Akhil
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IDK, what do you think?
No, tr is not scary
@jongen thought robot gave me nightmares when I was younger
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Thought Robot is fodder, he can't be scary.
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It's not hatred, if it's true.
Thought robot was supposed to be a form for Superman kinda like ultra instinct is to Goku
@sora it isn't hatred if its straight facts on facts thought robot is a fodder*

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