who is the most power ful ninjago villain

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Probably Golden Master Overlord
1- The Overlord.
2 - Nadakhan.
3 - Garmadon.
4 - Krux And Acronix.
5 - Morro.
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1 nadakhan. 2 digital Overlord and regular 3 omega
im think that omega or overlord the strongest vilains are
Chen could absorb all the powers of the elemental powers.
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you cant steal golden power or darkness
and also he can steal creation or destruction
The Overlord Is The Physical Manifestation Of The Dark Side Of The Balance
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Pythor is weaker then cryptor morro Chen, The Overlord, Yang, The Time Twins, Lord Garmadon and Nadakhan, so your opinion is wrong.(who thinks that)
Pythor is still alive, but Kozu, Cryptor, Morro, Chen, Yang and Garmadon are dead, the Time Twins and Nadakhan are trapped and the Overlord is too scared of the ninja to do anything. This proves that Pythor is stronger than them
(Obviously it is not like this)
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Lol copying fandom

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