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Who are you gonna main in smash Ultimate

Starter: Z_man_the_overpowered

Category: Games

I really what to know who you guys are going to main

Link: https://ssbworld.com/create/tier-list/ultimate/


3+ years member.
Link and Ike have been my go to characters in the previous games
2+ years member.
Same people I've mained in the last games. Samus, Meta Knight, Lucina, Mewtwo and Bayonetta.
1+ years member.
oh umm... samus, meta knight, and bayonetta are getting nerfed from smash 4, so I'd stick with mewtwo if I was you
1+ years member.
the reason I say play mewtwo is because he is getting buffed
1+ years member.
I'm gonna probably main R.O.B. or Pichu because of how the game mechanics plus nobody plays them
1+ years member.
although, richter, inkling, king k. rool, and isabelle look fun to play

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