Which Star Wars Character is the Best Project Manager?

Starter: Eavesy

Here is an entertaining infographic that takes a fun look at which of the Star Wars characters would be the best project manager. Choose between Vader, Chewie, Yoda and Han Solo.

Link: https://www.sixsigma.co.uk/blog/which-star-wars-character-is-the-best-project-manager/


rhodizel 189 days ago
Yoda in this list. Sidues or dooku or dex from the diner in aotc would be the top 3 pics
2+ years member.
Animuislifu 214 days ago
I think Han Solo because he is in charge on the millennium falcon.
SirSpidey 224 days ago
Yoda, of course, because he is the head of the jedi council and he is the one who plans out every move the jedi make.
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