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Which Lantern Core do you belong to?

Starter: AkhilPDX

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Which Lantern Core do you belong to?


2+ years member.
Green and/or Red.
1+ years member.
Most definitely the Black Lantern Corps but I could see myself joining all of them since every Corps is badass and contain incredible perks.
3+ years member.
I'm between Green and Violet/Purple because I have a strong will and at the same time I put others before myself and care dearly for my friends and loved ones, but when it comes to debating it's a Red ring because I go after EVERYBODY and show little restraints and throw companionship out the window when battling someone, no holds barred.
1+ years member.
I'd probably be a blue lantern. If not red
I'm going to number all from most likely to least likely
1. Compassion/Indigo
I'm very compassionate forgiving all that has been done to me .
2. Love / Pink
I'm very loving and I'm really caring . I'm also (at times not all the time) emotional .
3. Hope / Blue
I'm have a very strong version of hope. I hope for a lot of stuff and hope for friends and family to be great . Although I don't think that counts I'm still putting it here 😂
4. Rage / Red
Although not on here I can get angry at times . While I don't have a temper when I do get angry it is all heck broke out .
5. Will/Green
6. Greed/Avarice/Orange
7. Fear/Yellow
9. Death/Black
2+ years member.
Red, would be the best option for me, I do possess a lot of internal rage, Green's a close second, you'd understand if you read my debates.
2+ years member.
Screw it, I'll dual wield.
2+ years member.
So guys, which Lantern Core do you belong to? Did you ever take a quiz online and find out?
1+ years member.
Where do you find the quiz?
1+ years member.
Probably Orange... or white 😀

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